Sunday, 9 June 2013

Failing and Winnng

Friday morning I headed to baby group as usual. We're a little later than normal but nothing drastic. Park the pram at the back of the room and pull 1KB out her car seat getting an unmistakable waft as I do. So pick up the change bag and head to the facilities which happen to be in the disabled toilet. Lock the door behind me and lay 1KB down. She immediately starts crying as it is quite a noisy, hot and stuffy room. This is going to need to be quick. Lift her t-shirt and see that the contents of the nappy have exploded onto her vest. Thankfully only the vest is effected so she can go back into the leggings and t-shirt. Not going to be a quick process though. Take out the rather light packet of wipes clean her up using the very last wipe. Put a clean nappy on and start searching for a clean vest (she is still screaming). Pull everything out of the change bag - no clean vests, fine will put her in the sleep suit without a vest. Look at the size of the sleep suit and then at the screaming child on the change mat. Sleep suit is 0-3 months not going to fit a large 5 month old. Swear a lot. Put her back in the leggings and t-shirt pulling the leggings up as far as possible to try cover some of the belly rolls. Repack the 7 muslins, 5 bibs and 2 winter hats back into the change bag (clearly illustrating my child is a sicky baby oh and she is still screaming). Finally pick her up and the bag turn to the door, turn the lock and nothing happens. Turn it the other way nothing happens. Frantically turn it any which way I can nothing. We're locked in this hot loud smelly room with 1KB screaming. I pulled the disabled alarm cord. The janitor opened the door very quickly from the outside and I must only have been stuck for 2 mins but boy was I flustered. Went back to baby group and 1KB was immediately quiet.
I got invited round for lunch with a new friend from baby group. On the day that 1KB has no vest and I now have no wipes I get invited on an impromptu lunch date! Luckily though we needed to drop by the supermarket to pick up lunch so I just bought more wipes and she went without a vest for the day (was only a small shop or I'd have bought a vest). Had a lovely afternoon sitting in her garden chatting and have been invited out again next week. Then to top off a good day I went for drinks (soft) with work colleagues and when I arrived home just before 7pm O had 1KB bathed and ready for bed.

Change bag has been carefully restocked with appropriate sized clothing and some muslins have been removed.