Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I can’t be bothered, I can’t be bothered, I can’t be bothered

I’m supposed to be going to my friend’s house for tea tonight*, she has very kindly offered to host our group of friends again even though it is absolutely my turn – I think I might owe them three or four dinners by now. But I can’t be bothered to go, I can’t be bothered to talk about the wedding and how stressed I am and how I’ve achieved nothing since I last saw them. I can’t be bothered to pretend to be excited or happy or enthusiastic about life it’s tiring. Also I’m bad at pretending. I can’t be bothered with people’s sympathetic eyes and their offers of help which turn into more work for me.

I can’t be bothered getting up in the morning, I can’t be bothered getting dressed and going to work and I can’t be bothered to actually do any work while there, which is a bit of a problem because I don’t have a free second at the moment and need to concentrate.

Food I can always be bothered with I’m not that bad.

The only person I can be bothered with is O – which I suppose is a good thing seeing as I’ll be spending the rest of my life with him. He noticed immediately that I wasn’t right and has set about coming up with ways to “fix” me, in his, I’m a boy and don’t like talking about feelings sort of a way. Which is ok with me considering I can’t explain why I’m feeling like this.

I want to have the energy to write an intelligent post regarding Glasgow Bride’s remark at the end of her post. About how blogging is all about having a conversation and that it is scary butting in on other people’s conversations but that I’ve never had a bad response. Although there are some places where I’m just too shy. About how we all started our blogs at different times but there are new blogs appearing all the time so you are never the new blog for very long. About how blog land is an amazing place where you have access to all these wonderful people you just find a blog that suits your personality and hopefully make friends. About the teasing I got from O when I plucked up the courage to go and meet one of them in person and how thankful I was that she didn’t turn out to be a 50 year old pervert and that we got on.

I’m going to give myself a kick up the behind and get back to being “normal” (ha). Blog posts will come but they may be sporadic.

*I started writing this yesterday morning, while at work oops turns out I found a free second and then had to stay late, but I never got time to finish it. I did go to see my friends and I actually had a really good time. There was a baby to cuddle, lots of giggles, lots of food and some chocolate thrown in for good measure. Probably serves me right for being a miserable cow.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Late Post

I should have posted this a long time ago however considering Zoe is now back from her holiday it is about time I got round to it!

When the post man left this card through the door I couldn't for the life of me think what it could be

But look!!!

It is the print from Tessyla that Zoe gave away on her blog Conversation Pieces.
Please go and visit Tessyla's site and see the other beauties she has on offer.
Thank you, thank you, thank you

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sweet dreams

Someone please go here on honeymoon:

Unfortunately Lewis is too far for our minimoon

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Stop the ride I want to get off

Since Thursday I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster, the days have been filled with highs and lows.


Lots of time with my new nephew getting milky cuddles and smiles, helping with bath time and avoiding dirty nappies.

Spending time with my soon to be sister-in-law and her husband (my nephews mum and dad.)

Seeing my friend and her 6 month old boy who is racing around the floor in his walker and beginning to feed himself or redecorating their kitchen around his high chair - depending on how you look at it.

Sitting in the sunshine people watching.

Getting to see O’s brother and his girlfriend because they all came to my work so we could have lunch together.


Broken bathroom light

Blocked toilet

Computer virus (which meant I couldn’t get online and de-stress by reading your lovely blogs and leave comments)

Wishing I had the time to visit my friend and her son more often because I can’t believe that he is practically crawling and has a TOOTH! Where have the last 6 months gone?

A house full of people who aren’t my family. My family are stressful too but at least I can tell them to naff off. Just as a side note I love O’s family they are fun, kind, wonderful people and I’m incredibly lucky that we get on so well but my flat is very small and I like my own space. This was the only weekend they could visit.

O was away for the weekend meaning I have had to cope with all of this on my own. We had a big fight via text because he couldn’t unblock the toilet from 300 miles away (huh?). He didn’t appreciate how stressful it was having so many extra people and stuff in the house, and getting woken up several times in the night by a crying baby – I’m not sleeping very well at the moment. Plus I went massively out of my way to do a huge favour for him, instead of leaving him stranded over an hour from home late on a Sunday night after public transport had stopped, and he wasn’t suitably grateful (for some reason I can’t seem to write any of that without making myself sound like a spoilt cow but I was so angry at the time).

Hearing about the shopping trip my Mum and sisters went on for her “mother of the bride” outfit and feeling quite homesick (they were in London so I can’t really be homesick more familysick which isn’t a word) and jealous that I wasn’t able to go along. Even though I’d purposefully asked my best women to handle this task for me (my Mum is a nightmare at shopping).

Will hopefully be back later when my visitors have left, my computer is fixed and my spoilt cow-ness has been beaten into submission.

Friday, 9 April 2010


Thank you to the brilliant Chocolate Lover for this award. I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about me and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers but instead I’m going to tell you what I love about the 7 bloggers I’m passing this on to. (If your name isn’t on the list please don’t be offended I love you all but I had to pick 7, I could be here all day!).

(Psst there could be lots of bracket thoughts in this post opps)

Firstly let’s start with A Chocolate Lover's Confessions who gave me the award. Have you heard? She is moving to Cyprus (jealous me? Yes!!) so excited for her and Mr Milk and I can’t wait to hear all about it. She is getting married having gone through all sorts of blood tests etc. (love learning new stuff). Fridays are good days on this blog as Mr Milk gets in on the act too.

(Jeez I might run out of superlatives soon and that is only one down, I’ve got 7 to go)

On to the others:

Bletherings of a Glasgow Bride: Have you checked her out yet? She’s Scottish, she is having milk bottles at her wedding (I hope). Her wedding venue is stunning and her reception looks like it’ll be so much fun. Her wedding blog is relatively new so please go and visit.

Daydreams in Lace: Rebecca keeps me sane, which is pretty much a full time job and impressive considering we’ve never met. However she still seems to cram in planning her wedding, working and producing lots of loveliness. She makes cupcake pin cushions, the most beautiful throws, she has a LOOM (thank you for the photos) AND!!!!! Her cat plays fetch, in fact what are you still doing here? Go go go……

Ninety Nine + Forever: I’m a bit of a sad case and check my phone first thing in the morning (I don’t think the thrill of new comments or emails from you lot is ever going to wear off). With the time difference etc. it is usually comments from Mrs T that greet me in my sleepiness guaranteeing that I start the day with a smile. I then go and see if she has posted anything and will read in my cosy state throwing the alarm clock across the room so I can catch a few more minutes. I didn’t find Mrs T until she was well on her way to being a married lady and I’m loving the fact that she is still hanging out here, and is as excited for us, as we were for her. Although the last few days before her wedding seem to have been fraught (understatement)! She makes married life look amazing, pirates anyone, getting back in your wedding outfits to take pictures with your pets, oh and I’m dying to hear more about the romance between Miss P and the Best Man.

K-Tea?: If you ever need inspiration of what can be achieved in a short timescale go and read this ladies blog. Stressful wedding planning process ha, she makes it look easy. She has changed country, planned from a far, has stunning invitations and now she is starting her own shop, have you seen what she can do to a paper shade? Go and look now….

Anna and the Ring: How could she not be on the list? Witty, gorgeous, down to earth, say it how it is, she is just fabulous. Anna is a secretive little lady who likes to keep her readers guessing – I’m dying to see the dress. There is a downside to Anna’s blog though (you asked for constructive criticism) I want to buy practically all of the wedding list items that she posts (apart from the axe). Oh I nearly forgot she makes up words! After three everyone EEEEKABLES!!!!!

Shiny Pretty Bits: Hawaii with a venue to swoon for, I’d totally be in the pool, dress and all, at the end of the party. Sushi – nomnomnomnom yum. Stunning dress, even if she did keep us waiting to see it - evilness. You don’t always get want you want and you have to make compromises but kc reminds us that getting married is what it is all about otherwise why would we be doing all this crap?

Cakes and Bunting: I can’t remember if Claire found me or if I found her, anyway because her blog is relatively new I started from the beginning (I do try and read back posts but sometimes there is just too many and my eyes start to cross). When I read on her first post that she nearly named her blog “thanks for the ring but I can’t be arsed with the rest” I knew I’d found a friend. She treats wedding planning with the disdain, wit and irony that it deserves. She doesn’t take life too seriously and she writes posts that make me think – I like a little intellectual stimulation among the prettiness.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My Life in Magazines

I got my first riding lesson for my 11th birthday. Little did my parents know that it would become an obsession for rest of my teens. Every Sunday they got rid of me to the stables, I think they enjoyed getting rid of me but not the early morning start. I stopped when I went to University because lessons were so expensive. I would love to start again but I'm a bit shy and skint. (image from here)

When I hit my teens I pretended to become interested in music. It didn't really last all that long. Fast Forward no longer exists so this is the only image I could find.

Then I became corrupted by fashion and make up and worrying that I didn't look like a pop star. (image from here)
Further corruption but this time with built in pressure to have sex. I had to hide these ones from my parents. (image from here)

Between the ages of 16 and my first years at University I wasn't really loyal to any one magazine. Also I wasn't buying that many magazines in a bid to save some money. But then I discovered Marie Claire and I've been a loyal reader since then.

Of course my tastes have temporarily changed. Although I do find wedding magazines scary. I've mostly learnt what I don't want for our wedding from the magazines I have read. (from here)

For after the wedding when we can save money to re-do our kitchen, buy new carpet and get some decent furniture. Oh and I can dream at the beautiful homes we can't afford. (from here)

Saturday, 3 April 2010

G&G Are getting married

Gaynor's blog was one of the first that I found and got hooked on, it was fantastic to find another bride in Scotland. Gaynor is a wonderful blogger and a DIY queen! Check out her invitations.

Anyway this lovely lady is getting married today. I'm so happy and excited for her and Graham (even though I've never met them). Also can not wait to see the pictures of everything coming together and Gaynor in her dress as she has been so secretive about it.

G & G have a fabulous day and a marvellous honeymoon.

Thursday, 1 April 2010


SS99 1LW
1 April 2001

Dear R,

We regret to inform you that your driving license has been cancelled.

Your driving examiner had been struck off our register and all passes between June and September 2000 have to be retaken.

A new test appointment has been made for Friday 4 May 2001 at 10:40am at the Wakefield Test Centre and you will not be charged for this test.


Yours Faithfully,

J.O. King

Miss Josephine King
Senior Administrative Officer

Telephone call between me and my Dad
Me (in tears): Oh my God I need to take my driving test* again, oh no, oh no, oh no
Dad: Your Mum isn't here, have you read the letter?
Me: Yes it says I have to take my driving test again.
Dad: Who is the letter from?
Dad: No who has written the letter?
Me: J King
Dad: Who
Me: Josephine King
Dad: And her initials?
Me: J.O. King
Dad: aaaannnnndddddd?
Me: I don't know what you mean?
Dad: What is the date of the letter?
Me**: 1st April
Dad: What April Fool's Day?
Me (yelling): WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dad: Not my fault, not my fault, it was your Mum's*** idea, I told her not to do it.

*I'm a good driver however I'm bad at tests. I passed my driving test on the sixth attempt - reversing was also quite a problem. When I passed my test I was on beta blockers to try and stay calm so the thought of having to retake the test yet again was soul destroying.
** Ok yes it took me quite a long time to work it out.
*** She is of the don't take yourself too seriously club, if you can't laugh at yourself no one will laugh with you. I did eventually forgive her.

Have you ever been caught out by an April Fool?