Friday, 9 April 2010


Thank you to the brilliant Chocolate Lover for this award. I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about me and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers but instead I’m going to tell you what I love about the 7 bloggers I’m passing this on to. (If your name isn’t on the list please don’t be offended I love you all but I had to pick 7, I could be here all day!).

(Psst there could be lots of bracket thoughts in this post opps)

Firstly let’s start with A Chocolate Lover's Confessions who gave me the award. Have you heard? She is moving to Cyprus (jealous me? Yes!!) so excited for her and Mr Milk and I can’t wait to hear all about it. She is getting married having gone through all sorts of blood tests etc. (love learning new stuff). Fridays are good days on this blog as Mr Milk gets in on the act too.

(Jeez I might run out of superlatives soon and that is only one down, I’ve got 7 to go)

On to the others:

Bletherings of a Glasgow Bride: Have you checked her out yet? She’s Scottish, she is having milk bottles at her wedding (I hope). Her wedding venue is stunning and her reception looks like it’ll be so much fun. Her wedding blog is relatively new so please go and visit.

Daydreams in Lace: Rebecca keeps me sane, which is pretty much a full time job and impressive considering we’ve never met. However she still seems to cram in planning her wedding, working and producing lots of loveliness. She makes cupcake pin cushions, the most beautiful throws, she has a LOOM (thank you for the photos) AND!!!!! Her cat plays fetch, in fact what are you still doing here? Go go go……

Ninety Nine + Forever: I’m a bit of a sad case and check my phone first thing in the morning (I don’t think the thrill of new comments or emails from you lot is ever going to wear off). With the time difference etc. it is usually comments from Mrs T that greet me in my sleepiness guaranteeing that I start the day with a smile. I then go and see if she has posted anything and will read in my cosy state throwing the alarm clock across the room so I can catch a few more minutes. I didn’t find Mrs T until she was well on her way to being a married lady and I’m loving the fact that she is still hanging out here, and is as excited for us, as we were for her. Although the last few days before her wedding seem to have been fraught (understatement)! She makes married life look amazing, pirates anyone, getting back in your wedding outfits to take pictures with your pets, oh and I’m dying to hear more about the romance between Miss P and the Best Man.

K-Tea?: If you ever need inspiration of what can be achieved in a short timescale go and read this ladies blog. Stressful wedding planning process ha, she makes it look easy. She has changed country, planned from a far, has stunning invitations and now she is starting her own shop, have you seen what she can do to a paper shade? Go and look now….

Anna and the Ring: How could she not be on the list? Witty, gorgeous, down to earth, say it how it is, she is just fabulous. Anna is a secretive little lady who likes to keep her readers guessing – I’m dying to see the dress. There is a downside to Anna’s blog though (you asked for constructive criticism) I want to buy practically all of the wedding list items that she posts (apart from the axe). Oh I nearly forgot she makes up words! After three everyone EEEEKABLES!!!!!

Shiny Pretty Bits: Hawaii with a venue to swoon for, I’d totally be in the pool, dress and all, at the end of the party. Sushi – nomnomnomnom yum. Stunning dress, even if she did keep us waiting to see it - evilness. You don’t always get want you want and you have to make compromises but kc reminds us that getting married is what it is all about otherwise why would we be doing all this crap?

Cakes and Bunting: I can’t remember if Claire found me or if I found her, anyway because her blog is relatively new I started from the beginning (I do try and read back posts but sometimes there is just too many and my eyes start to cross). When I read on her first post that she nearly named her blog “thanks for the ring but I can’t be arsed with the rest” I knew I’d found a friend. She treats wedding planning with the disdain, wit and irony that it deserves. She doesn’t take life too seriously and she writes posts that make me think – I like a little intellectual stimulation among the prettiness.


  1. Ooh, my first blogger award. And I'm in such great company! Thank you so much, you've made my day!

  2. Oh my goodness - that has just made my week! Wow - here I was reading this post thinking: OOh - I get to find out about some great new wedding bloggers (and I did) and then this! Thank you missus. I shall now endeavour to find out what on earth I do with it (I guess I get to stick it on my blog and repeat, right?) Thank you again. x

  3. @Claire,yes sorry I should have said take the image from my blog and paste on your own and then theoretically you should tell us 7 things about yourself and pass on to 7 others - but I like to make stuff up as I go along. x

  4. thank you honey :) I'm off to look at some of those other ones now! :)xx

  5. Oh I just ADORE you. I am a sad case too if checking on your phone first thing in the morning for comments makes you one. It's like the highlight of my day. The time difference thing is good for early morning comments!
    Thanks so much for the award. I am bad at posting them, but I promise to get there eventually.
    You have made my whole day.

  6. You are just the cutest! Serious eekables! I totally squealed with joy at your loveliness. Please let's all meet up very soon!

  7. Thank you so much lady! You are just too sweet! I love your blog! And thanks for the lovely shout for Mr. Milks posts! He'll love that! :)


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