Thursday, 1 April 2010


SS99 1LW
1 April 2001

Dear R,

We regret to inform you that your driving license has been cancelled.

Your driving examiner had been struck off our register and all passes between June and September 2000 have to be retaken.

A new test appointment has been made for Friday 4 May 2001 at 10:40am at the Wakefield Test Centre and you will not be charged for this test.


Yours Faithfully,

J.O. King

Miss Josephine King
Senior Administrative Officer

Telephone call between me and my Dad
Me (in tears): Oh my God I need to take my driving test* again, oh no, oh no, oh no
Dad: Your Mum isn't here, have you read the letter?
Me: Yes it says I have to take my driving test again.
Dad: Who is the letter from?
Dad: No who has written the letter?
Me: J King
Dad: Who
Me: Josephine King
Dad: And her initials?
Me: J.O. King
Dad: aaaannnnndddddd?
Me: I don't know what you mean?
Dad: What is the date of the letter?
Me**: 1st April
Dad: What April Fool's Day?
Me (yelling): WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dad: Not my fault, not my fault, it was your Mum's*** idea, I told her not to do it.

*I'm a good driver however I'm bad at tests. I passed my driving test on the sixth attempt - reversing was also quite a problem. When I passed my test I was on beta blockers to try and stay calm so the thought of having to retake the test yet again was soul destroying.
** Ok yes it took me quite a long time to work it out.
*** She is of the don't take yourself too seriously club, if you can't laugh at yourself no one will laugh with you. I did eventually forgive her.

Have you ever been caught out by an April Fool?


  1. What a monster!!

    P.S. I'm still too scared to even try and learn to drive.

  2. Brilliant. Your Mum sounds fab! I fall for my Dad's April Fools every year. I once walked up to our farm to see an imaginary set of triplet calves, all of which were supposedly different breeds....

  3. Hello, thanks for popping by and introducing me to your lovely blog! And I have to admit I didn't get it until you explained it. Then when I did I couldn't help but smile.

  4. omfg I am exactly the same - I'm a very careful driver but totally fell to pieces on tests. I passed fifth time. And let me tell you that letter gave me the hebbie jeebies just LOOKING at it. Not even funny. Well, a bit funny. But not even funny ...

  5. Oh R thats awful! I didnt see it coming because she dated it from 2001, oh thats so mean. but really really really bloody funny too. sorry, just saying...

  6. 9 years on (it was from 2001) I also find it very funny, at the time - not so much!

  7. Oh that's a good one!! They must have been killing themselves laughing when they came up with that one! Have to say when I first started reading this I was like 'can they do that?' before I realised it was an April Fools!! Brilliant ;)

  8. gah, i thought it was real at first too - i'm so gullible I would have totally fallen for it too. You'll just have to think of something to get your mum with next year :)


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