Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sing a song

I'm running out of songs to sing to 1KB. Songs with small actions are good. Our current favorite is the hokey cokey however after the 25th time a day it gets a little grating even if 1KB still smiles when I start. I hope it is a smile and not a grimace. She made her feelings clear when I sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow - she started screaming when I started singing and stopped screaming when I stopped singing.
What do you sing to your little ones or what songs can you remember from your own childhood?

Monday, 25 March 2013

Alien abductions

I have a theory that a least some of the reported alien abductions are from new parents. For a few weeks there at two in the morning by the blue/white light of the night light, with huge black eyes and oversized head you could mistake 1KB for an alien. Sleep deprivation could play a factor too though.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


A new start should be all about looking forward but instead I thought I'd start by looking back to the year that was 2012. 

Great minds clearly think alike because Gaynor from Our day by design posted a 2012 round up a few days ago. I promise I had already started drafting my own post before I saw Gaynor's.

January - nephew turned 2

February - went to Murrayfield with #2 and her boyfriend to watch Scotland vs England 6 nations match. Work was crazy crazy busy.

March - niece was born, celebrated husband's big birthday with a weekend on the edge of the Lake District.

April - a quiet month we had a visit from the in-laws.

May - found out that we were pregnant, took a train to the South of France, spent a week in France with my parents not telling them I was pregnant, battling morning sickness and not eating cheese, pate or drinking wine (they didn't guess I was amazed).

June - Good friends got married in a field in torrential rain, we camped. I was very tired and very sick. Did Race for Life with my sisters and Mum - resisted the temptation to tell them we were pregnant (we'd agreed to wait until after our first scan).

July - Had 12 week scan and finally told family and friends that we were pregnant, told work that I was pregnant and they'd need to find cover. Went to see an Olympic football match. Celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary.

August - My birthday. Went to London for the weekend those that could did Go Ape and those that weren't allowed watched (I sulked). Spent a week up North with the in-laws.

September - Had 20 week scan. Celebrated the arrival of a friend's baby boy.

October - Another quiet month.

November - Celebrated a big birthday for my Mum, we had a photos taken (my Mum is obsessed by getting photos of us all), went for a cookery lesson (twice baked cheese souffles yummy) and had a half day spa.

December - I spent a lot of time at the hospital being monitored due to issues with my blood pressure. I finished work for at least 9 months. After much deliberation we headed up north for Christmas.

Thursday, 14 March 2013


I haven't blogged for quite some time. So long in fact that while I've been away I have managed to be pregnant and had a daughter in early January without any mention gracing these pages. The pages that kept me sane through wedding planning but felt too public for my journey to starting a family.
However I'd like to start writing again. I also find myself in need of a community to support my sanity as my world changes so dramatically.

Being how I like to be mysterious/protect some anonymity I'll refer to my daughter as 1KB within these pages.

Saying something

I started reading my blog from the beginning. It is embarrassing. I have a strong desire to delete all the posts. I'm so far resisting the temptation.