Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sing a song

I'm running out of songs to sing to 1KB. Songs with small actions are good. Our current favorite is the hokey cokey however after the 25th time a day it gets a little grating even if 1KB still smiles when I start. I hope it is a smile and not a grimace. She made her feelings clear when I sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow - she started screaming when I started singing and stopped screaming when I stopped singing.
What do you sing to your little ones or what songs can you remember from your own childhood?


  1. I find the lumberjack song quite useful...

  2. Holden likes the wheels on the bus, zoom zoom zoom & old macdonald! Do you have a bookbugs somewhere near you? We were at our local one today and they have so many songs with actions, like zoom etc, wind the bobbin up, grand old duke of york, incy wincy spider! Granted you feel like a twit singing and doing the actions but all the parents are doing the same, some very enthusiastically too!

  3. On and row row row your boat is a good one too, Holden also likes that and they have some odd words in it like down an icy river, dont forget to shiver etc at bookbugs!


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