Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Ground hog 2 hours

1KB is on a two hour cycle. From about 7am she eats, plays, screams and sleeps in a two hour cycle - sometimes on a really good day we can stretch it to two and a half hours. You could almost set your watch by her. She will appear to be sleeping soundly but bang on two hours since her last feed she will begin to stir. If we go out for a walk or in the car she will sleep for longer however I don't always want to go for a walk every two hours.

I need to do something to elongate this cycle but I've no idea how - any suggestions? I feel like I'm living in ground hog hour over and over again the same happens.


  1. Try stretching it by 5 minutes or so each time????

  2. I can keep Arthur asleep for several hours if I hang out with him while he naps. & by hang out with him I mean I nurse him to sleep laying down and then stay there with one arm around him snuggled close for the duration. Sometimes I can get 4-5 hours this way. Not the most comfortable or practical but the only way I am able to get any work done. Unless Aidan takes him....

  3. I dont think I can offer any advice; they seem to just do what they want, when they want!

    They kept telling me to feed Holden as much as possible to make sure he was getting enough to put weight on but it was totally impossible to force him to eat!

    Have you tried a carrier in the hope she might sleep longer in there?


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