Monday, 22 April 2013


I lost my appetite as soon as morning sickness kicked in (really should be renamed all day sickness). I was physically sick on average once a day from week 6 to week 16ish. Throughout the rest of the pregnancy my appetite didn't return and during the early weeks with 1KB it still wasn't back to normal. I was eating what I could (one handed) when I could and often it was just easier to tend to her and forget about me. However I can safely say that my appetite has returned in earnest so I now need to be a little bit careful - I'm not trying to lose weight I'd actually just like to stay where I am now and not put any on. Unfortunately food that is easy to eat one handed and satisfies an immediate hunger (don't often get a lot of time to prepare food) seems to be unhealthy for you - or in my case that is true. Grapes, apples or bananas just never hit the spot the way chocolate, crisps or toast do.
Anyone got any simple meals or snack suggestions that will satisfy my hunger? I have on a couple of occasions made myself the equivalent of a packed lunch - although we don't go anywhere. When I have some free time in the evening I make a sandwich to keep in the fridge so that the next day if 1KB is having a particularly bad day I can just eat while she feeds or sleeps in my arms.


  1. I had to have a cakervention, so I understand. Naked bars have been helping me out loads. Also nuts can be filling and are healthy and more tasty than they sound. The rest of the time I buy a sandwich out. I really need to work eating from home more. Preparing masses of healty food that I can eat from all week is one of my goals, because at the moment I'm spending all my cash on hippie sandwiches.

  2. Granola bars - either bought or homemade - then you can jam some chocolate in and it feels a bit of a treat. I think pitta pockets with peppers(even just buy a jar of grilled ones), and a little goats cheese is nice. Baked eggs - you can make them with semi-skimmed milk, I like them with a bit of chilli jam, or some caramelized onion (again, you can just buy). and a piece of toast. Also, stew loads of fruit with some spices, and bung it on a bit of yogurt. Lastly, soup, with the bits cubed small enough that you can drink it from a mug.

  3. Yoghurt soup and granola bars all sound good. I have nothing to add that does not take prep time or more hands than you have at the moment (we are fans of wraps and food that works well in a bowl but these need to be eaten hot and you need time to prep them) but protein and carbs will fill you up!

  4. I ate a lot of cereal bars when H was small; usually a nutri-grain then a special k one with chocolate. Other than that I was rubbish too and often hadn't eaten by the time G got home. How about cold pasta salad that could be made the night before too? x


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