Thursday, 5 December 2013

Maternity TV Watching

I had expectations of spending last January sat on the sofa with my feet up watching rubbish TV waiting for baby to arrive. The doctors, however, had other plans and induced me at 38 weeks. With Christmas and being induced early I didn't get any opportunity for sitting and doing nothing prebaby.

A new born baby sleeps a lot! It didn't feel like that at the time but looking back....... Usually during the day and not at night when the parents would like to be sleeping too. 1KB didn't like to sleep alone and preferred to be held during her naps - she still does, although we're less inclined to give into her as she is rather heavy now. This resulted in a large amount of time being spent stuck on the sofa under a sleeping baby. The more savvy will ensure that there is a TV remote, a bar of chocolate and a drink all within an arm's length. 

I therefore managed to get in quite a bit of tv watching. For some bizarre reason I decided that my usual selection of Law and Order and CSI was not appropriate and too dark for watching with a baby - even though she was sleeping. So my go to maternity tv was Gilmore Girls. I watched the whole lot almost 1.5 times as I recorded it on my PVR and 5* just kept showing it episode after episode.

Yesterday I watched the final ever episode again and feel that, that marks the end of my Gilmore Girls watching. A friend of mine watched the entirety of West Wing during her night time feeds. What are you go to TV series when you're ill or have spare time on your hands.

My sister is expecting and due her baby in January. She has yet to pick her boxset so I'm looking for recommendations.