Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My beautiful ring contd.

So when O first showed me the ring he explained that he'd prefer to have a ring designed for us using the diamonds from his aunt's ring. So once he finally proposed we found a design we wanted very quickly, we just need to find a jeweller to make it for us. We have approached a few jewellers before we settle on the right one. What has taken us by surprise is the jewellers reaction to our family heirloom. Comments revolve around the fact that the diamonds are old! They're not perfectly round, they're not cut as well as modern diamonds. One jeweller asked us if we really wanted to use these diamonds? As the design we've chosen won't look as nice with our diamonds. Yes of course we want to use our diamonds, they mean a lot to us, we don't care that they aren't perfectly round or as well cut as modern diamonds!!! *deep breath*
Hoping that our ring will start being made soon!

Monday, 24 August 2009

My beautiful ring

About 18 months ago O's Mum gave him a ring that belonged to her aunt, her intention was that he give the ring to me. Not necessarily as an engagement ring but as a piece of jewellery she knew that she would never wear.
Now I love my boy but he isn't the most sensitive of souls and so he decided to show me the ring just after the bells had rung at New Years Eve (we'd been together 5 years at that point). I immediately thought that him sitting on the sofa with a shy smile on his face holding a diamond ring meant engagement! Until he broke the news to me that although we would one day use this beautiful ring as our engagement ring that day had not yet arrived (he did want to be with me forever but marriage was still too scary). I didn't speak to him for quite a while that evening - we tend not to talk about it!
But I got over the disappointment of this mistaken proposal and I now have the ring for real.

The Engagement Story

We went away for the weekend (it rained and rained and blew a gale)
Having slept under canvas we woke up to see the sun
We went to the beach
O disappeared (I was distracted by breakfast)
O reappeared we walked to the beach
I was distracted by the beautiful view and having the sun on my face
O grinned like he'd escaped from a mental asylum
He pointed at the ground where he'd written in the sand
"Will you marry me?" 
I grinned like I'd escaped from a mental asylum


I love Scotland
I love the views, the hills, the greenery, the beauty, the accents and the people.
I try to love the weather but there are just some challenges too great - it's August and it's been p**ing with rain for days now! Scotland generally has it's summer between April and May so by the end of August I've completely forgotten what it was like. I currently live 5 hours from where I was originally brought up where summer happened July/August time. In 10 years of living in Scotland I have yet to figure out or get used to this change of timing.
The hills - my wonderful other half (lets call him O) is from Scotland, from a little island with enormous hills where the wind is constantly blowing but boy is it stunning, in that spectacular awe inspiring way that only dramatic landscapes manage to achieve. I love his little island and although we visit often - I don't think I could ever live there, just too small and too far away for me. I'd love to be able to climb the hills and see the view from the top but that is the subject of another post.
The accents - I have a confession to make (I'm going to offend people and I'm sorry) I have a Yorkshire accent and it makes me cringe! I won't be having a wedding dvd as I'd have to watch it with the sound off, I can't stand the sound of my own voice - I'm telling you that isn't the way I sound in my head! I do however love Scottish accents, the variety is vast.
The people - My friends are all here, my wonderful fella is here - why would I leave.

Love it!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

About Me

I'm in my late 20's - and slowly trying to come to terms with that. In my head I'm still 23/24 (or to be honest 13/14). I haven't achieved all those things that you are supposed to have achieved by the time you hit your late 20's. I haven't seen the world or had great adventures.

I have however found the man of my dreams, bought a flat with him, become the parent to 2 of the most eccentric cats, gotten myself a job that I actually enjoy and I'm going to get married. Do these not count as achievements I hear you ask - not when I'm always wanting more?! Ok the man of my dreams certainly does help and thankfully he understands that my obsession for more includes taking him along for the ride.

I was born and raised in the North of England and I'm proud of being Northern.

I live in Scotland, and have done for the last 10 years (almost to the day in fact).

I came to Scotland for University - I stayed for love.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Why I've started a Blog

So why have I decided to give this a go?

  1. I quite often have the most random thoughts and if I share them with the outside world maybe they'll be less random?
  2. I got engaged at the beginning of the month and there are so many beautiful wedding blogs out there that I've become obsessed.
  3. A problem shared is a problem halved - maybe?

First Post

ARGHHH What have I done. I've gotten so carried away reading other people's beautiful blogs that for some reason I've convinced myself I can do it too.