Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My beautiful ring contd.

So when O first showed me the ring he explained that he'd prefer to have a ring designed for us using the diamonds from his aunt's ring. So once he finally proposed we found a design we wanted very quickly, we just need to find a jeweller to make it for us. We have approached a few jewellers before we settle on the right one. What has taken us by surprise is the jewellers reaction to our family heirloom. Comments revolve around the fact that the diamonds are old! They're not perfectly round, they're not cut as well as modern diamonds. One jeweller asked us if we really wanted to use these diamonds? As the design we've chosen won't look as nice with our diamonds. Yes of course we want to use our diamonds, they mean a lot to us, we don't care that they aren't perfectly round or as well cut as modern diamonds!!! *deep breath*
Hoping that our ring will start being made soon!

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  1. The cheek of those jewellers... of course you would want to use your diamonds! I love the idea that they're really old - that does seem to make it all the more special :)


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