Sunday, 26 September 2010

Details: Table Names

We named our tables after Scottish islands that we'd visited. 

The top table was named after the island where O proposed.

We were worried that we were going to have to name a table Mull. Our holiday to Mull was not the greatest. The moment we got off the ferry there was an almighty hail storm and things did not get much better after that. 

Luckily we remembered another island that we'd been to.

Our table names we displayed on roof slates with the names written on in chalk pen. 

Are you planning on naming your tables? (We came very close to just numbering them - because really it is just another bit of DIY to do.)
What did you name your tables after? 

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Details: Jewellery

Jewellery was a real struggle for me. The wedding magazines seem to have a clear view of what 'wedding' jewellery is supposed to look like. Pearls and diamant√© are just not me. They are also very expensive. I wasn't prepared to spend a large amount of money on a necklace that I knew I was only going to wear once. 
I finally decided to narrow it down to two options. The necklace that Rebecca kindly let me borrow and a necklace that my Mum lent me that I eventually, 2 days before the wedding, decided to wear. 
My something borrowed was this marcasite necklace that my Mum got for £5 from a car boot sale. I'm not sure if I've broken the 'something borrowed' rules but my Mum has now given me the necklace to keep (yay). I was bought a marcasite watch for my 16th birthday so I wore that too. Unfortunately I noticed too late that the battery had died - so I have no idea if I actually got to the ceremony on time. I hate not knowing what time it is so after the meal I changed to a working watch. 

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Details: Internet friends are amazing

Not only did Rebecca from Daydreams in Lace make me this amazing hair slide

She also gave me a hanky embroidered with my name

and allowed me to keep hold of her beautiful pearl necklace while I hummed and hawed for MONTHS about what jewellery to wear and then I didn't even wear it!

(photo by Rebecca I presume
hope you don't mind me posting it)

Rebecca has less than a month to go until her wedding. I'm so excited for her and James and seeing all their details come together. I just wish I was able to repay her kindness.

scheduled post

Friday, 17 September 2010

Recaps: Almost done

So I think I might be almost done with the recaps*.

There are still a few details that I've to tell you about but on Tuesday we head off on holiday to Gozo - not sure why I'm not comfortable with calling it our honeymoon. Perhaps because we're planning on having more than one and we're not going for a single trip of a lifetime but several amazing trips. Technically it is just our first holiday as husband and wife. 

I cannot wait to laze by the pool, run sand through my fingers, read lots of good books, go snorkelling and eat a lot of food. 

When I get back** I've still to tell you about my jewellery, our table names and the mini moon. 

But what have I forgotten? Is there anything that you want to know about? Ask me questions.

*really I'm looking forward to write about something other than the wedding but I promised myself I'd get the recaps out of the way first. 
**unless I get chance to schedule some posts before we leave in which case you can read all about it while we are away. 

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Recaps: Why does it have to end?

The rest of the evening went past in a blur of dancing and chatting. I completely lost track of time at one point I looked at my watch and wondered where the buffet was and why had we not been fed yet (all I could eat was cake). Only to realise that there was still an hour to go before the buffet was due to be served. Then after the buffet had been served the band seemed to immediately announce the last dance and I couldn’t believe that time had passed so quickly.

We have a great photo of the two of us, looking hideously sweaty and dishevelled (no I’m not going to post it!) – I love this photo because it highlights what I wanted the wedding to be all about, dancing and laughing and everyone having a good time.

Then it was last orders at the bar and people started drifting into taxis or up the stairs to their rooms. Finally, we decided, while O’s uncles were trying to persuade the barman to reopen the bar that it was time for us to retire. It was bliss to unlace the dress, unpin my hair and stand under the shower letting the emotions of the day wash over me.

I finally crawled into bed with my husband! Unfortunately the bar staff decided to have their own wee party and we could hear them chatting well into the small hours. We’d thought it was our guests until we realised that we couldn’t recognise any of the voices. However in reality we couldn’t sleep, we just kept saying “we’re married”, “did you speak to so and so?”, “did you dance with so and so”, “so and so said this”, “what a great day”, “do you think everyone enjoyed themselves”, “we’re married”, “we’re married”.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Recaps: Our first dance

One day, after having not been engaged for very long I randomly suggested this as our first dance song. O agreed and so the decision was made. It had been one of the songs that was on the mix CD that O made for me when we first got together. I did question it a couple of times (the reference to brothers and sisters especially) but seeing as I couldn’t come up with anything better I stopped trying. We decided that we’d dance for about 60 seconds (a verse and a chorus) on our own and then have the rest of the bridal party come and join us. Those 60 seconds were the longest of all time!

Get off my toes!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Recaps/Details: Favours/Place names

For favours we had lots of ideas that surrounded plants or flowers (O is a gardener). 

Remember this post?

Well Rebecca left a very interesting comment on that post about seed paper and combining the favour with the place names! 

So that is what we did.

We bought seed paper and twine from here
We printed names on one side and planting instructions on the other side
We cut them out into a luggage tag shape, punched a hole in them and tied some twine through them to make them look more like luggage tags (we also folded the paper in half so it was twice as thick).

(can't get this photo to turn round)

I think people liked them, although O's Mum has complained that she hasn't had any flowers. I'd love to blame her gardening skills but seeing as most of the food we eat when we visit they have grown themselves I don't think there is anything wrong with her gardening skills.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Recaps/Details: Table Plan

Our table plan was an A3 piece of card and smaller pieces of card in the same colours as our invitations.

(all from here)

Top tip: If you are still to make up your table plan I'd like to give you a piece of advice. Unfortunately I can't tell you who to sit next to drunk Aunty Mavis or crude Uncle Fred - although my suggestion would be to sit them together. No my advice would be on not doing and redoing the table plan. Get a large piece of paper and draw your table layout on it. Then write each of your guests' names onto small post-it notes and stick your guests to their tables. It makes it much easier to move people about and the repeated "Oh crap we can't sit Fred next to Blanche they hate each other" moments. 

We did a first attempt and then left it taped to the back of a door after three or four reshuffles we settled on the final option. The buzz of conversation seemed to indicate that it worked ok. 

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Recaps: The rest of the day

We were piped out of our ceremony and handed a glass of champagne. We stepped outside* and then the congratulations began. The third or fourth person to congratulate me managed to spill a glass of orange juice down the back of the dress. I couldn’t have cared less and continued greeting our guests. I believe at some point that some one did try and dab it off but I wasn’t concentrating I was enjoying the hugging and kisses too much. My dress was basically filthy** the moment I stepped outside thankfully you can’t see the dirt or the orange juice in any of the photos. After all the congratulating we had photos taken. 

When it was time for the meal O and I were shown into the lounge to have some alone time while everyone was seated. We sat and chatted and looked at our wedding rings and grinned. I was completely relaxed and enjoying myself, it was at this point that O reminded me he still needed to give his speech so he wasn’t relaxed at all (oops bad wife).

We cut the cake and were piped to the table for the speeches to begin. The speeches were brilliant. I hadn’t been expecting much from O, he had warned me not to expect much other than a list of thank yous, but it was much more than that and it was wonderful.

The food was apparently fantastic. I didn’t feel at all hungry so only ate a few bites of each course. My husband had no such issues and managed to finish off parts of my meal. After the meal we moved through to the bar area so the function room could be cleared for the dancing.

Then it was time for our first dance…………..

*the weather was cloudy but warm.
**need to find someone to clean the dress now though!