Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Recaps: Our first dance

One day, after having not been engaged for very long I randomly suggested this as our first dance song. O agreed and so the decision was made. It had been one of the songs that was on the mix CD that O made for me when we first got together. I did question it a couple of times (the reference to brothers and sisters especially) but seeing as I couldn’t come up with anything better I stopped trying. We decided that we’d dance for about 60 seconds (a verse and a chorus) on our own and then have the rest of the bridal party come and join us. Those 60 seconds were the longest of all time!

Get off my toes!


  1. He he to the toes pics ;) Yeah the first dance is one of those things me and the OH have skimmed over... he's excited about what song but I already know he doesn't dance until he's drunk so not sure how that will work! (And when he dances, he tends to do crazy things like breakdancing in the middle of it... Hmmmm!)

  2. ha ha he is on your toes! ouch. the dances seemed very very long, i agree!

  3. It is terrifying doing a first dance!

    I love that picture though!

  4. That photo is so adorable! And that is a great idea to dance the beginning and then have others join in.

  5. Love the picture im just writing about ours now!

    G doesnt like dancing at all so we didnt do long on our own at all!


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