Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Details: Internet friends are amazing

Not only did Rebecca from Daydreams in Lace make me this amazing hair slide

She also gave me a hanky embroidered with my name

and allowed me to keep hold of her beautiful pearl necklace while I hummed and hawed for MONTHS about what jewellery to wear and then I didn't even wear it!

(photo by Rebecca I presume
hope you don't mind me posting it)

Rebecca has less than a month to go until her wedding. I'm so excited for her and James and seeing all their details come together. I just wish I was able to repay her kindness.

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  1. I was explaining blog friendship to a non-blogger friend recently. 8 think we know so much about eachother that it's just and real as 'real life' friendship. It's a lovely thing!

  2. ach you numpty, you already have repaid it :D not only is there a lovely shiny wrapped up real life present waiting for after my wedding day to open, you are there all the time! whenever! remember photographergate? mmm. you's the best. enjoy Gozo!x

  3. Rebecca's one talented friend! The hair slide and hanky are beautiful :D

  4. wonderful! blog friends are the best!

  5. this cross-inter-webs generosity always makes my little heart grow 3 sizes.

  6. That is so sweet. Blog friends are awesome.

  7. Can I just say awwww... :)

  8. Aw thats fab; I do love the hair slide!


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