Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Recaps: Why does it have to end?

The rest of the evening went past in a blur of dancing and chatting. I completely lost track of time at one point I looked at my watch and wondered where the buffet was and why had we not been fed yet (all I could eat was cake). Only to realise that there was still an hour to go before the buffet was due to be served. Then after the buffet had been served the band seemed to immediately announce the last dance and I couldn’t believe that time had passed so quickly.

We have a great photo of the two of us, looking hideously sweaty and dishevelled (no I’m not going to post it!) – I love this photo because it highlights what I wanted the wedding to be all about, dancing and laughing and everyone having a good time.

Then it was last orders at the bar and people started drifting into taxis or up the stairs to their rooms. Finally, we decided, while O’s uncles were trying to persuade the barman to reopen the bar that it was time for us to retire. It was bliss to unlace the dress, unpin my hair and stand under the shower letting the emotions of the day wash over me.

I finally crawled into bed with my husband! Unfortunately the bar staff decided to have their own wee party and we could hear them chatting well into the small hours. We’d thought it was our guests until we realised that we couldn’t recognise any of the voices. However in reality we couldn’t sleep, we just kept saying “we’re married”, “did you speak to so and so?”, “did you dance with so and so”, “so and so said this”, “what a great day”, “do you think everyone enjoyed themselves”, “we’re married”, “we’re married”.


  1. That "we're married, we're married, we're married" feeling is great, isn't it? I still get blindsided by it sometimes, after almost a year. It makes me grin real big.

  2. It's and odd an lovely feeling. Like Kristy, I still get it too occasionally!

  3. It has to end because the best bit is about to begin?!

    I cannot wait to feel this way.

  4. Awwww... just awwww :)

    I love the way you write about your wedding... it makes me smile so!

  5. aw i love this. staying awake into the wee hours whispering to each other is a perfect end to the day!

  6. Lol, we were like "were married?.....seriously?"

  7. We did that lay awake 'we're married' thing too. It's so surreal in the moment.

  8. It went so so fast didnt it!

    We did end up in the bar afterwards till G dragged me to bed and took forever to take my dress off! Didnt even bother with the hair!


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