Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Recaps: The rest of the day

We were piped out of our ceremony and handed a glass of champagne. We stepped outside* and then the congratulations began. The third or fourth person to congratulate me managed to spill a glass of orange juice down the back of the dress. I couldn’t have cared less and continued greeting our guests. I believe at some point that some one did try and dab it off but I wasn’t concentrating I was enjoying the hugging and kisses too much. My dress was basically filthy** the moment I stepped outside thankfully you can’t see the dirt or the orange juice in any of the photos. After all the congratulating we had photos taken. 

When it was time for the meal O and I were shown into the lounge to have some alone time while everyone was seated. We sat and chatted and looked at our wedding rings and grinned. I was completely relaxed and enjoying myself, it was at this point that O reminded me he still needed to give his speech so he wasn’t relaxed at all (oops bad wife).

We cut the cake and were piped to the table for the speeches to begin. The speeches were brilliant. I hadn’t been expecting much from O, he had warned me not to expect much other than a list of thank yous, but it was much more than that and it was wonderful.

The food was apparently fantastic. I didn’t feel at all hungry so only ate a few bites of each course. My husband had no such issues and managed to finish off parts of my meal. After the meal we moved through to the bar area so the function room could be cleared for the dancing.

Then it was time for our first dance…………..

*the weather was cloudy but warm.
**need to find someone to clean the dress now though!


  1. ha, I love that he ate your meal too! I'm so glad you felt relax, hearing your recaps gives me an idea of my day to be! :)

  2. Hehe, just when I was wondering where you had gone! Brilliant.

  3. the speeches might have been one of my top moments of the day! i swiped my sister's notecards from hers and I am so happy I did :)

  4. Sounds like you were a super chill bride. Orange juice down my dress would have turned me into bridezilla!

  5. Dirty dress means fun!

    I can't even conceive how dirty my dress will be I am so clumsy!

  6. I ate all of my meal! We had very light things though, so it was easy enough. We also got all creamy coloured food so i wouldn't make a mess!

  7. Glad you felt relaxed; G was totally the same all the way through dinner, he couldnt eat much while I managed to eat all mine, as we did the speeches after the food!

    I loved our speeches too!

  8. I couldn't really eat.. think the boy did but not as much as we should of done.

    wish we could go back now as guests and enjoy all those little details! hey ho!

  9. Strange... I thought I'd already commented on this! D'oh! Glad you had such a great day you didn't care about the orange juice :) I so want to know more about O's speech now ;)


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