Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Recaps: The ceremony

Brother in law on the pipes followed by bridesmaids followed by my Dad and I. All I was focused on was O at the end. I remember the ceremony quite clearly. I remember listening to the registrar get through all the legal bits and pieces. I remember having a silent conversation with my very very soon to be husband.

The conversation went a little like

O - Soft smile = you look alright
Me - Massive grin = WE'RE GETTING MARRIED
O - Squeeze of the hand = I love you
Me - Squeeze of the hand = Quite like you too
O - Slightly raised eyebrow = so you’ve been behaving like a lunatic all morning what is that all about?
Me - Slightly raised eyebrow - Eff knows!

We said our vows, we’d gone with the standard vows provided by the registrar and changed them ever so slightly. The registrar read them really slowly rrreeaalllyy slowly. At some points we were going one word at a time! It meant there was no chance to get them wrong and we had a good laugh about it after. 

We’d changed the wording of the exchange of rings also. Most of them say “wear this ring always as a token of our love” as O doesn't wear his ring on a regular basis we altered it. At this point I wasn’t really concentrating on what the registrar was saying I was too nervous about getting the ring on. We’d practised (yes we are that sad) the exchange of rings and not once had I managed to get O’s ring on (suspect it is half a size too small). When the registrar asked me to take O’s ring and place it on his finger I gave it some welly and rammed it on then looked up at him with a grin of achievement. The registrar not understanding why I was so pleased with myself was slightly perturbed that I hadn’t waited to say the words etc while gently slipping the ring on to his finger.

O’s sister played her fiddle while we signed the register and had our first paparazzi moment of the day. Looking up to a bank of people with cameras is quite disconcerting. My signature on the register bares no resemblance to what it is (was) in real life. You have to use a fountain pen – not used one of those since high school and my hands were shaking quite badly.

We were married!


  1. I LOVE your silent conversation heheheee

    We were very smug about getting the rings on too as the registrar had said that everyone's fingers swell up with nerves and it may not go all the way on, and that was OK. Man he was awesome.

    How pretty do your blue chair ties look?!

  2. Argh totally meant to mention about the chairs. We'd asked for the dining room chairs which are beautiful big blue chairs be used but the venue forgot and used the function room ones instead. We didn't notice until we were looking through the photos.

  3. Oh, the silent conversation is great! And look how sweet y'all are! Love that last photo.

  4. We had a similar reception to yours - the legal one plus two readings. We also had an eye conversation - ours included a bit of husband going ' you are late! you are never late, what a day to choose to be!'

    Your venue looks beautiful, I love the chair sashes!

  5. Love the ring story and the silent conversation. Plus seeing more of you and your lovely dress!

  6. You look so so happy there!

    Love the silent conversation and the ring story! We didnt say anything while exchaning rings either!

  7. I adore the silent conversation! I thought it was your actual one for a min (I was reading too fast)! Looking forward to hearing more about it today x

  8. Oh yay! Loving those photos. Loving the internal dialogue too x

  9. I love the silent conversation. So sweet!

    I would imagine that talking and ring-slipping in front of loads of people is slightly difficult anyway?


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