Monday, 23 August 2010

Recaps/Details: Order of Service

*opinion alert* I don’t really understand the need for Order of Services at civil ceremonies where there are no hymns, where there are songs to sing you need to know the words. But they’ve always struck me a little like a meeting agenda – are you going to pick the bits you want to turn up to? No you are going to sit there for the whole ceremony and listen, no one panics when they don’t know what is happening when surely? The registrar introduces the readers so you get to know who they are. I also feel that they give bored guests something to read or fiddle with during the ceremony when they should be concentrating (bossy control freak - moi?). Plus it was just another thing for us to do.

We had resolved not to have Orders of Service that was until we spoke with my parents who were horrified that we wouldn’t have them – every break with tradition seemed to upset my parents. I decided that I would appease them on this occasion and when we ordered the invitation card, we ordered some extra and some blue backing card. I only ordered 25 backing cards because the Order of Service usually gets left behind and I thought one between two was plenty (yes we had a tiny wedding).

Our Orders of Service were small, very simple and probably missed a lot of vital information but when you don’t really want something in the first place you kind of aren’t that fussed. We have this photo and a few Orders of Service to keep as a reminder (because people left them behind!).


  1. very pretty, yes I agree I dont really see the need at a wedding without singalong.

  2. Yeah I've never been very sure about them... the OH thinks we might have to do one just so that his older relatives don't freak out at our non-traditional service - but I don't think a piece of paper will help them there ;)

    I took my cousin's one home for that very reason!

  3. They are lovely though; even if you didnt need it!

    Come to think of it I dont think any of the weddings ive been that didnt have singing had order of services; think ive just seem them at weddings with hymns.

  4. We never got around to doing one. But I kinda wish we had after seeing yours!


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