Sunday, 8 August 2010

Recaps: Start at the beginning

I need to start somewhere, the problem is that I’m not sure where to begin. But I suppose to begin at the beginning makes sense. 

Can I please ask that you don’t get your hopes up over pictures? 

When I asked, my then fiancé, what photos I’d be allowed to put on the blog he stated that I could put as many pictures of me on as I wanted but he didn’t want to appear. When we got the photos (yes we have them) I suggested that I would pick a few photos for his approval to be put online. He has even suggested that I put celebrity heads over his face so please do not be mistaken into thinking that I married Leonardo DiCaprio or Orlando Bloom. My husband is much better looking but very shy. I’m also very shy and still have anonymity worries.

I’m going to make my way through events in order. My brain works better like that although there will probably be some random details thrown in all over the place.


  1. Ooooooh! A wedding pic... the OH has told me to get to bed already but so excited have to leave a comment! You look so tall and elegant :) Beginning at the beginning is a very good place to start!

    (And yuck to Orlando Bloom!)

  2. What a beautiful photo! Your dress looks wonderful.

    It's difficult to work out what pictures to put on the internet, privacy wise. Beacause there are photo's of my husband on the web for various science things as well as his music, I am allowed to put up anything that ' doesn't make him look stupid'.

    I am excited to see the rest of the photos you choose to put up!

  3. Your dress looks amazing! I cannot wait to see it in more detail because from this shot it (and you of course) look beautiful. Very excited to hear more about your wedding day and I can understand O's shyness, sympathies there. (I didn't even check with J about posting pictures of him!)

  4. Gorgeous dress, cant wait to see some more pics, whichever you choose to show us.

    I agree at the beginning is the best and keep it in order; thats the reason im doing my wedding day recaps first before i get to the honeymoon. Altho I really need to get on with them!!!

  5. What a beautiful shot! I want to see close ups of that hair-do. It looks amazing. And I'm so jealous you have photos! We've got about another month to wait.

  6. Beautiful picture. Looking forward to seeing more. Totally understand if you guys are shy or want to protect your identity.

  7. YAY for photos - even if they are faceless. Love this one. Good luck with recaps - mine are still a bad work in progress. Super excited about yours!!!

  8. So chic. I want to see more. I love the idea of photoshop! I think my celeb double will be Bones and Bean can be Booth!

  9. Beautiful dress, lovely photo.

    (I've just worked my way through your recaps in the wrong order and I'm running out of words to use that I haven't already used about 5 times).


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