Monday, 16 August 2010

Recaps/Details: Shoes

O's brogues and his best man's sgian dubh

My shoes - yes I caved and went for the traditional bridal shoes. They were immensely comfortable though. 

In the evening I ended up wearing my trusty, nearing the end of the their days, black ballet pumps instead of putting my sore swollen feet into yet another new pair of shoes. 

Lesson learned: Your dress* is altered to the height of your heels, be that a tiny 1.5 inch for me or higher for the braver girls. Therefore when you are in your heels your dress should be the perfect length, when you dress is bustled (if you dress bustles) it is completely off the floor and you are able to dance and burl like a fanny. When you take your heels off you shrink by that height and your dress becomes too long by that height. The dress then drags on the floor and you lurch around while standing on the dress like a fanny.
Or maybe that was just me. Should have put the bloody heels back on.

*if you are wearing a long dress


  1. I wore flat shoes (ballet practice shoes) throughout. This was because I can't walk in heels, also husband is shorter than me and i didn't want him to feel conspicuously short on his wedding day!

    I got really lucky with my dress (which I bought second hand on ebay) - previous owner was three inches shorter than me, but wore 3.5 inch heels, so my dress was the perfect length!

  2. Ha ha, yeah I would have had that issue too since my heels were 3.5 inches.

    So i kept them on ALL day and altho my feet were killing me, I just couldnt take them off!

  3. p.s I had traditional ivory bridal shoes too. Altho since mine were rainbow club im going to get them dyed at some point, either black or the fab purple colour my bridesmaids wore!

  4. Pretty, pretty shoes! (Why is it that bridal shoes are only pretty when they have heels? The flat ones are normally ugly)


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