Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Recaps: The day before

Friday started as a relaxed day. Mum and I had appointments with make-up friend to get our nails done. Mum had a manicure, I had a manicure and pedicure, and my eyebrows tidied. After her treatment Mum, left me too it and headed into town to return something and headed back to our flat. O came into town and met me for lunch we sat chatting about random stuff slightly in a daze that we were getting married the next day. We picked up a couple of thank you cards and then headed to the station to welcome Mum2 off the train. My parents took Mum2 to her hotel to get her settled in and O and I went home. Where in general we just lazed about our best man came over to show us his slightly sunburnt face! We made up a few of “reserved” signs for our usher (nephew) to put on seats in the ceremony and printed the readings in big type for our readers. My parents came and took the dresses up to the venue. We received text messages that #1 and her family were delayed – thanks sleazy jet. Apparently, there was a shortage of air traffic controllers for Scottish skies that day which affected all flights coming north. Quite late in the afternoon we realised that we still had to pack and transport all the rest of the “stuff” to the venue. After a little frenzied activity, we chucked everything in the car and dashed up to the venue. Chucked everything into the bridal suite and went to see the function room all set up. Handed over the place names, table plan, table names etc. to the venue staff and went to find our guests. The staff at the venue did a great job with the tables.

After much chatting and numerous/repeated introductions of the different sides of the family we sat down for dinner. We hadn’t thought to make up a seating plan for the meal so there was a bit of an awkward moment and the families split into their respective groups but hey what could we do. #1, her husband, #2’s partner, niece, and nephew finally arrived and managed to grab some dinner.

During the meal I remembered all the essential things I’d managed to leave at our flat* so O and I did another dash back to the flat and back to the venue where I was spending the night. By this time, I was shattered and went straight upstairs. Then I remembered that the hairdresser had asked that I wash my hair the night before so I jumped in the shower and finally fell into bed with wet hair. Ping! I was wide-awake. I read the tweets I’d missed from the evening and read some blog posts via my phone. Then just tossed and turned thinking about everything and anything. I had a serious cry over the fact that I hadn’t remembered to get a card for O to tell him how I felt and how excited I was to be his wife (#fiancĂ©fail). I also had some hairy ‘I wish I had chosen a different dress moments’. I turned on the radio and tried to fall asleep. I listened to the shipping forecast and then the national anthem, which they played before switching to World Service (very odd). I finally fell into a fitful sleep.

*make a list of things to pack for the day of and remember the next day I forgot a jumper for the next day and O had to wear his brogues under his jeans as he'd forgotten shoes. Oh and remember to look at the list while you pack instead of assuming you will remember everything.


  1. I remember that feeling of being exhausted and completely unable to sleep...

  2. Oh, the sleeplessness! I barely got a wink the night before my wedding. It's no wonder I completely crashed on the drive home afterwards.

    Lists are a must. Had I made any, I probably wouldn't have forgotten as much and would've been more organized. Though I could also say the same if I hadn't procrastinated as much. ;)

  3. I love that you hashtagged in your blog, and oh my lordy this makes me so scared for 2 months time. please come and write me lists? at least I'm staying at home the night before.

  4. You poor thing. I was so hoping you would have a lovely chill night before the wedding. Maybe everyone has crazy nights before??

  5. I love the fact that you listened to the shipping news... not sure why? don't think I've ever listened to it in my life but seems sort of romantic! (sorry if my comments are random btw... had hellish 2 days at work and my brain is beyond baked... been saving your recaps for my home from work treat!) :)

  6. You had a busy day! I totally never got G a card either; totally forgot since we had got our gifts before the wedding.

    Sorry you never got a great sleep either; dont think I have ever listened to the shipping news!

    Graham had to wear his brogues with his jeans the next day too!

  7. Did O even notice the absence of the card? I really can't imagine it's easy to get to sleep under those circumstances though. Like christmas eve times ten.


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