Friday, 27 August 2010

Recaps/Details: Cake

I'm not sure why I look like I'm about to stab my husband in this photo.

Paparazzi moment number two. There was a bank of cameras trying to get a pic of us cutting the cake.

The cake was amazing, people are still raving about it. As previously posted the bottom layer was made my my Dad and O's Mum made the middle and top layers. We had cake served with the buffet in the evening, all of the (lemon drizzle) top layer was eaten and most of the middle (carrot) layer too. The bottom layer was a 12 inch square fruit cake - even having given away quite a lot we still have some left. Thankfully fruit cake lasts forever so we are slowly making our way through it. 


  1. Total paparazzi moment; we didnt cut ours till the evening guests arrived but of course that just meant more people taking photos!

    I love the back of your dress there too!

    Love the ribbon round the cake too; all the best people have that! We still have our top tier as the bottom & top were fruit then the others sponge. No idea when we are going to have it; especially since G doesnt like it!

  2. I feel like the cake cutting is always the biggest paparazzi moment of the reception.

    Oh, and we definitely have photos of us fake-threatening to stab each other with the cake knife & server.

  3. a cake made with love.. how yummy.

    Ours wasn't that pap tastic.. everyone was sitting down though getting ready for dinner! was fun though!

  4. i love that moms and dads made the cake! so wonderful

  5. Beautiful. Also,hot fruit cake crumbled into vanilla ice cream is delicious :)

  6. So cool that family made it. They did a great job - looks like a fancy expensive cake!


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