Sunday, 26 September 2010

Details: Table Names

We named our tables after Scottish islands that we'd visited. 

The top table was named after the island where O proposed.

We were worried that we were going to have to name a table Mull. Our holiday to Mull was not the greatest. The moment we got off the ferry there was an almighty hail storm and things did not get much better after that. 

Luckily we remembered another island that we'd been to.

Our table names we displayed on roof slates with the names written on in chalk pen. 

Are you planning on naming your tables? (We came very close to just numbering them - because really it is just another bit of DIY to do.)
What did you name your tables after? 


  1. iwas going to name the tables after lake district hills, but James vetoed it the other day, so they jut have numbers now.

  2. what a sweet idea! we used different comic book character's weddings as our table numbers

  3. Sounds fab; i want to see a picture of the slates tho!

    We named ours after NYC buildings; with the top table being the Empire State Building, where we got engaged.

  4. oh ours was megga sad.. our tables were named after fonts! even though we only had the numbers on the tables - of course in the different fonts.. I haven't really got any pictures as everything was last minute - but hopefully we'll be getting our photos back very soon so I can start recapping with a little more detail!

    I SO want to explore Scotland a little more all those islands.. which one should I go to first..?

  5. Love that idea, trying to decide right now!!

  6. The only holiday I've had in Mull was terrible.

    We just had numbers on our table!

  7. It's pretty shameful but I bet I haven't even been to half of those islands... need to visit the rest of Scotland more! Haven't thought about table names yet... I may need reminded nearer the time about those ;)

  8. Your holiday to Mull sounds like a holiday we had once (worst holiday ever) to a place we now refer to as "hellhole" island! Ha


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