Monday, 4 October 2010

Recaps: Married Day 1

After getting a few hours sleep – funny how it was completely different to the few hours sleep I had the night before – we woke and dressed for breakfast. I’d forgotten a sweater and O had forgotten his shoes (remember to pack for the next day too). Was quite tempted to put my dress back on but don’t think it’d have gone with the dragged back hair and clean face. We went down to the dining room for breakfast taking with us the thank-you gifts that we’d bought. We sat there for quite a while chatting with different family members drifting in and out as they came for breakfast or left to finish packing.
#1 and her family had to leave early to catch their flight and so the goodbyes began. After a while when everyone had at least started their breakfast we went back upstairs to start our own packing. The venue staff had gathered together a lot of the bits and pieces, table slates, table plan, left over order of services so that made things easier. All the vases of flowers had been placed in a back room so we invited guests to take as many of the flowers as they wanted and after taking plenty for ourselves left the rest at the venue for them to decorate their tables with during the week. If you are having flowers it is worth thinking about what to do with them afterwards – we didn’t.
Everyone was finally packed and putting bags into their cars so we said our final goodbyes and headed back to our flat. We’d let friends stay in our flat so caught up with them for a while. Finally it was just the two of us and we sat slightly dazed still surrounded by wedding stuff.


  1. That first alone moment the next day is so surreal.

  2. Ooooh I hadn't really thought about the 'after' bit... Ok, noted... must remember to do something with flowers!

  3. he he this sounds like our next day - apart from less staff to tidy up for us! such a good tip with the flowers - we gave most away and kept and enjoyed what was left.. I have heard horror stories of flowers just being thrown away - awful..

  4. Sounds a little like your day after too; G also forgot his shoes and we gave the flowers to all the women who had stayed to have lunch with us!

    So surreal that oh we are married now feeling too!


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