Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Details: Thank you Gifts

Thank you gifts were tough to decide on and I spent a long time trawling the internet. 

My Mum: We didn't give my Mum a gift the weekend of the wedding instead we promised to make her a photo album once we gathered the photos together. We have kept that promise and sent her a photobook made by BobBooks - which she seems to love.

My Dad: We got him a bottle of Macallan whisky - it is his favourite whisky and we hope he will enjoy it.

O's Mum and Dad: We bought them a bottle of brandy - sourced by my brother-in-law handy having a wine merchant in the family.

O's sister: For playing the fiddle while we signed the register and as a New House gift we bought her and her husband a Le Creuset pan.

O#s brother: For being our piper and for his New Home gift we bought him and his girlfriend a Le Creuset pan too.

Debenhams had a sale on Le Creuset at the time.

#1 and #2: We bought them jewellery from here

Niece: We bought her an initial necklace from here and a clothes hanger from here (please note that Anna warns that it takes 8 weeks and it really does.)

Nephew: We bought his scrabble cuff links in his initials - as he informed us he doesn't have any shirt that requires cuff links but hopefully once he is older he'll need them.

Cee: As a thank you for reading during our ceremony we bought her a notebook for her blog ideas (need to do a post on this soon).


  1. fantastic and getting filled with ideas left right and centre :o)

  2. wondeful gifts (especially the pans!!!)

  3. I so love those name hangers! Bet eveyone loved all those gifts

  4. Love the hangers :) And great gifts overall! I can see that my future father-in-law will be a bottle of whisky too but I haven't thought about anyone else yet!

  5. My Mum - who is a big fan of yours - was looking through these the other day.. I am now rapt in gilt! really should of done better with gifts.. theses all sound and look amazing.. think I might be sending out a few larger christmas gifts this year!

  6. McCallan - that's a good whisky!

    And what great gifts to give, so thoughtful.


  7. How lovely you are! All of your presents sound brilliant, and personal which is the main thing!

  8. They all sounds fab gifts; was the bob book good, im wanting to make one of our honeymoon pics.

    My dad & G's dad got macallan miniatures as its also my dads favourite. Right at the beginning of our planning my dad wanted to get a bottle for each table!


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