Friday, 22 October 2010


This weekend we are driving up North to spend time with O's family. I'm looking forward to homemade soups, baby cuddles, leaning on the rayburn to absorb as much heat as possible and listening to the rain and wind battering off the velux windows.

I'm also looking forward to the long drive with my husband where we get the chance in our little cocoon to talk about everything, anything and nothing. We'll sometimes listen to an audio book. We sometimes play car games - will there be more VWs or Fords passing us in the next 30 minutes? This only works when we go north (where there few motorways or dual carriageway) because it is hard and dangerous to play on the motorway. 

#2 and her boyfriend are terrible in the car together they just argue and get stressed. I don't really understand that and they weren't impressed with my suggested car games.

I'm looking forward to my alone time with my husband.

How do you cope with long car journeys?
Do you have any nice weekend plans?


  1. I love car trips with the husband. Like you say, time to dream together.

  2. Ooh, I haven't listened to an audio book in years but it sounds like a great idea. Happy dreaming.

  3. Ooh, our driving mood depends on whether we need to navigate to somewhere new.

    If it's a nice, straightforward drive then it's fab, lots of chat and undivided attention (Oh, apart from paying attention to the road of course). If one of us has to navigate, it's like world war 3. One of our most infamous arguments was whilst IB was trying to direct me through Dublin city centre. He forgot that I've never lived there and needed advance warning. He also forgot that if he wanted me to change lane, I would need his hand to stop blocking the wing mirror......

    I hope you had a fab weekend in the North (although this is very late, so you've been back for AGES!)

  4. Hope you had a lovely time; we were on route to Norfolk via Pontefract at the same time!

    My iphone gets me through car journeys and generally blabbing away to G!


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