Friday, 17 September 2010

Recaps: Almost done

So I think I might be almost done with the recaps*.

There are still a few details that I've to tell you about but on Tuesday we head off on holiday to Gozo - not sure why I'm not comfortable with calling it our honeymoon. Perhaps because we're planning on having more than one and we're not going for a single trip of a lifetime but several amazing trips. Technically it is just our first holiday as husband and wife. 

I cannot wait to laze by the pool, run sand through my fingers, read lots of good books, go snorkelling and eat a lot of food. 

When I get back** I've still to tell you about my jewellery, our table names and the mini moon. 

But what have I forgotten? Is there anything that you want to know about? Ask me questions.

*really I'm looking forward to write about something other than the wedding but I promised myself I'd get the recaps out of the way first. 
**unless I get chance to schedule some posts before we leave in which case you can read all about it while we are away. 


  1. YES to a lifetime of amazing trips. I keep wanting to call our trip to Vancouver a honeymoon (since it's for our anniversary), and I have to remind myself that the socially acceptable term for post-wedding-vacations-that-aren't-immediately-after-the-wedding is, well, vacation. Oh well.

  2. Have a wonderful holiday! Gozo looks beautiful - I'm sure you're going to enjoy it immensely!

    I miss your tweets - having a bit of twitter withdrawl today!!


  3. Oooh have a wonderful honeymoon :D I so miss sand if that doesn't sound too weird!

    I'm sure there's tons more I want to know! (But I'm understanding the need to write something non-weddingy!) Maybe advice stuff like the things that mattered on the day versus what you thought were going to matter (if that makes sense?)? Like were there things you'd stressed about in the run up that actually you could have lived without? (Can you tell I'm hoping to simplify the planning process as much as poss??)

    Oooh and more pics too would be nice :)

    But 'normal' chat is good too!

  4. your honeymoon sounds amazing! have such a wonderful time!

  5. Hope you have an amazing first husband/wife holiday! Cheers to many more too.

    P.s. Sorry I've been away! Missed you

  6. have a wonderful wonderful time! :)

  7. Hope you are having a lovely time on your first husband & wife holiday!


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