Monday, 6 September 2010

Recaps/Details: Favours/Place names

For favours we had lots of ideas that surrounded plants or flowers (O is a gardener). 

Remember this post?

Well Rebecca left a very interesting comment on that post about seed paper and combining the favour with the place names! 

So that is what we did.

We bought seed paper and twine from here
We printed names on one side and planting instructions on the other side
We cut them out into a luggage tag shape, punched a hole in them and tied some twine through them to make them look more like luggage tags (we also folded the paper in half so it was twice as thick).

(can't get this photo to turn round)

I think people liked them, although O's Mum has complained that she hasn't had any flowers. I'd love to blame her gardening skills but seeing as most of the food we eat when we visit they have grown themselves I don't think there is anything wrong with her gardening skills.


  1. surely she cant expect to get flowers that soon?
    I do have some stonking ideas at times ;)

  2. That's a cute idea :) I always think something that grows afterwards is a v nice (symbolic and all that) gesture!

  3. Yeah, would flowers even grow that quickly? It's a very nice idea, particularly as O is a gardener. Just think, your guests will remember your wedding every time they flower.

  4. Oooh thats cool; I didnt know you could get seed paper! All your guests will have a little bit in their garden to remind them of your day!


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