Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Not our first dance song 3

When we first got together O made me a mix CD. Putting all cheesiness aside I loved it – can’t bloody find it now (haven’t properly looked because it is somewhere in his CD collection which is too huge and scary to contemplate) but I played it a LOT. There was no romance (never has been) there was no soppiness. This was a taster and insight into O’s music collection. They were songs that went together well and he’d obviously put a lot of effort into it. The song we have chosen for our first dance is on the CD.

He maybe should have listened to the words a bit more because some of the songs aren’t really appropriate for your new girlfriend. Still it is a great song and Belle and Sebastian are still one of O’s favourites.

Belle and Sebastian Lazy Line Painter Jane

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  1. I dont think I know that song! Looking forward to seeing what you did choose!

    Eeeeek 3 days!!!!


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