Thursday, 8 July 2010

Hair Trial

O's instructions - it can't be straight or I won't marry you.

My instructions - I want it curly and messy and not to feel done. Turns out you can't have your hair done without it feeling done.


It isn't perfect. I'd like the curls much lower down, closer to the nape of my neck.


  1. its nice though, if that was the worst hair you got, you'd still look pretty damn fine :) it would be nice further down though, and maybe off centre. how odd that we both post photos of ourselves on our blogs for the first time on the same day.

  2. Well hello another pretty lady!

    So you have naturally curly/wavy hair?

    1. I think you have such shiny hair. Grr.
    2. Where is your natural parting?
    I do love a side parting with a mass of loose curls at the nape. Especially because you have a deliciously model like neck. Grr again!

  3. I think it would be perfect with the curls a little lower!

    I like it though and lovely to see you; was thinking how would I ever recognise you & becca if we are able to meet!

  4. Nice! I agree, the curls lower would look more current, but still, it looks good.

  5. I like it - it's very wedding-y! But it would definitely be cute if the curls are lower. You want your hair to be perfect for your wedding - think how many photos are going to be taken of you!


  6. Lovely, and lovely too to put a face to a blog! I do agree though that lower curls will be better, I think anyhow!

  7. Check you out! It looks lovely, I agree with Anna's suggestions though. Not long now!!


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