Thursday, 1 July 2010

Etsy Love - Bookity

Not a sponsored post I just wanted to share.

Recently I’ve been spending quite a ridiculous amount of time browsing through Etsy. I’m looking for gifts for my bestwomen and want to get them something unique and unusual and I want to support independent traders who work hard to get their businesses recognised and underway.

When I found this UK shop I got all sorts of excited, like clapping hands together and grinning at the computer screen excited. I LOVE books and there is something so romantic about reusing old books. All of Bookity’s items are “made from damaged, unwanted or unsaleable books”.

Bookity – or Lou is lovely and friendly and managed to get my purchases packaged and with her trusty boyfriend to deliver to the post office the night before she went on holiday – that is dedication!

I can’t really explain how much I love all of these products so I will just show you them. I bought two bags (it could have been so much more), the French book bag (below) I will be giving to #2 as part of her gift.

#2's gift:

Things I'd love to have bought:


Please go and visit Bookity and see for yourself all the wonders. Follow on Twitter or find on Facebook.

Be prepared there maybe more shop love gushing on this blog shortly!


  1. I didn't realise you had bought, and they had arrived, you are remiss in not telling me! ;) are they wonderful in real life? I love them :)

  2. Sorry my dear, yes I bought, yes they arrived and yes they are wonderful!

  3. Gorgeous, #2 is a lucky girl. I'm very glad the books are damaged though, cutting up books is just wrong!

    I wouldn't want to deprive talented craftspeople of profit, but I've made hearts like in the 1st picture (planning to decorate our reception venue with them). They are really simple, let me know if you want some, or instructions. (DM me on twitter).

  4. Total awesomeness... I am off to look at the shop now!

  5. Wow, I love them! What a fab little shop. I love the heart confetti!

  6. Thats so cool; whatever did we do before Etsy, i bought all my girls their gifts from there!

  7. Ooh beautiful! That confetti is wonderful.

    Yay for Etsy!


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