Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Not our first dance song 1

This isn't our first dance song but technically it is "our song". When we first started going out we spent a lot of time at the student union and this song was on ALL THE TIME!! We've decided that it isn't really appropriate for our first dance.

Do you have a song? Is it going to be your first dance?


  1. Ours is Stan by Eminem well sort of. Tis the song that my next door neighbour always played.

    And no we shall not be dancing to that!

  2. Don't stop me now by Queen, or There must be an Angel by Eurythmics, neither of which I was allowed as a first dance song and both of which I would have loved to have. We had Nobody does it better by Carly Simon and it's one thing I'm still disappointed about :(

  3. We totally dont have a song so took a while to find a first dance song! In the end we went with When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan but the band also played us Empire State of Mind by Alicia to fit with the getting engaged in NYC and the table names etc.

    {we had our first ever ever kiss when we were 12 to East 17's Stay Another Day; I was NOT under any circumstances allowed to have that as our first dance song!)

  4. Ok, so this is well cheesy but we had a "first dance" in our living room, about a week after the wedding, to Seal "Kissed by a Rose" (or whatever it's called!) :D

  5. We don't have a song which is making it difficult to choose one for our first dance. Hopefully we will figure it out soon!

  6. Shut up and Drive by Rihanna. Yeah. No, it won't be our first dance song!


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