Friday, 11 June 2010

Mum in Law

If you aren’t already green with envy that I have two Mums, I also have a pretty awesome Mum-in-law. I’ve never been introduced to other boyfriend's parents so I don’t have any comparison but I think we get along pretty well. It is such a big unknown, you are in love with this individual but there is no guarantee that you’ll love their family – their friends you can usually avoid if there is serious disagreement but families kind of stick around plus the horror stories about Mum’s and their sons!

Having been with O for 7 years I already feel like I’m part of their family but it is a huge bonus to getting married. We had a family photo recently and I hung back with the other partners until we were told off for being silly and shooed into the photo. Moreover, I’m going to take her name, we’ll both be the same Mrs. I’ve heard my friends say oh don’t call me Mrs so and so that is his mother *derogatory tone*!

She has been fabulous about the wedding, no interfering lots of encouragement, lots of “that is a really good idea”, “I like that”, “you are very organised” etc. I worried when the florist felt that the anemone she had chosen for her buttonhole would be too delicate to last the day but no she would have anything that the florist suggested. We only had one “maybe you should do it this way” regarding some of the invitation wording and that was because we deliberately sent it to her for her opinion.

Tonight mum-in-law is coming to stay at our flat O is out so we are going out for curry just the two of us. I’m really looking forward to it. (It has to be curry because dad-in-law doesn’t like curry so she never gets to eat it when he is about). She is on her way to France, she did invite me to go along, unfortunately I couldn’t afford it either in money or time.

How do you get on with you mum-in-law?
Have a great weekend.


  1. I love mine. I lucked out too!

  2. my one is great too, (which is good since I will soon live next door to her!) a very lovely lady.

  3. My future mum-in-law is awesome too. =) Best wishes to you. I'm enjoying your blog.

  4. i love mine too. Its so great to have multiple moms :)

  5. Hope you had a great weekend! I did too!

    I get on really well with my mum in law too! I am also the same name as her & G's granny, so the 3rd Mrs X in the family!

    Since our families have known each other for ages, it was a lot easier for me since I already knew them when we started going out. They have always made me feel very welcome and as they always do things as a family, you meet everyone else pretty quickly.

    Grahams other gran, the one that isnt Mrs X the same as me was so cute the day after the wedding as she was like, you are officially part of the family, even though I have really been for a while!

  6. That's so nice. My future mum-in-law obviously lives in Ireland so I don't see her much but she is lovely.

  7. Awww, you are a lucky one :) My OH's mum is very lovely... she's a proper mum-mum. In the old days when we were first together it used to totally freak me out how interested she was/how she wanted to be hug me/basically be nice... but then my own mother is the polar opposite of that. So it's taken me some time to get comfortable with the fact that her and my OH's dad are just so damn nice! But then they have raised a rather nice boy so I should have always known that ;)

  8. You're lucky! My MIL is a little bit prickly. But I'm hoping things will improve as the years go by (a girl can hope yeah?!)


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