Friday, 4 June 2010

My Hen Do

On Friday night, two weeks ago, my sisters arrived two hours late - thanks sleazy jet!

Early Saturday morning we woke up and quickly had showers, I tried my wedding dress on for all of thirty seconds, we were running late, this was the first time they'd seen the dress so after a group hug we ran out to the car.

About an hour and a half later we arrived here. The weather was stunning! #1 and the friend who reads this blog headed to the flats that we had rented for the evening to drop off the mountain of food we had. We spent the day relaxing in the sunshine, swimming in the pool, some even went to the gym. We each had a treatment - full body massage, bliss. We arranged it all through here - would recommend them.

When all the relaxation was over we headed to the flats for food and games and fun. #2 had arranged a Mr and Mrs* quiz**, for every question I got right I got a prize, each of my girls had bought me a gift and I had to guess who they were from. There were also lots of random gifts including, huge pink hoop earrings, scrunchies and bride to be pants.

(picture of me by #1)

I had a great time, it was very sedate and relaxed but perfect for me. Thank you ladies!

*what they didn't realise is that O can not keep a secret from me. He never has been able to. So he told me about the quiz and then I tortured the questions and answers out of him. I tried really hard to play along with the quiz until the very last moment when I slipped up. I don't know who was the most angry. #2 at O for telling me about the quiz or O at me for telling them I knew about the quiz.
** turns out they know me quite well


  1. I cannot compute that that photo is the same girl I met. odd.

  2. but good, I';ve had a pear cider. oops.

  3. And after 1 glass of bubbles and half a peach schnapps and lemonade. Who says that you need to be drunk to make a fool of yourself! Strike a pose......

  4. sweet, we are a couple of lightweights!

  5. Love it!

    Being a lightweight is fabulous. Cheap and always cheerful!

  6. Sounds fab, love the pose!

  7. Love the spa plan too; we ended up booking another macdonald hotel for my friends hen do!

  8. Sounds like my kind of night. And the fact you got the answers out of O sounds like something Mr B & I would do! I think it's kinda cute you can't keep secrets from each other.

    Love the photo too - funny!

  9. Sounds absolutely lovely. And the photo is fun too! Plus Spa treats are sooo great, especially when you're planning a wedding and need some time out :)

  10. Loving the photo!! You went to the gym on your hen do? Seriously impressed with that!!


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