Sunday, 6 June 2010

Presents for the hen organising committee

I wanted to buy my sisters and bff a thank you gift for organising my hen do. They all have very busy lives and erm I'm not very good at asking people to do stuff for me. So organising the hen do felt like a big ask.

I feel I came up with the perfect gift prints from babypicturethis. Problem was when they arrived I wanted to keep them ALL!!! I am keeping some of them I just need to get them into a frame and on the wall. The rest I managed to prise away from myself and gave to my ladies.

Thank you Laura, so beautiful.

(very poor photo by me)
(for Laura's etsy shop please visit here)
(to see more photos please visit Laura's blog)


  1. oh you lucky lady, Lauras prints are so gorgeous!

  2. I've been a bad blogger so am just catching up. You are so sweet!

    I'm so glad you liked them, and hey, you're the bride, you deserve a treat!!


  3. Lovely idea for a gift, the prints are gorgeous!

  4. Yeay! What a great idea :) And they really are so beautiful aren't they...


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