Monday, 14 June 2010

Dress fitting

Eeek today is my first dress fitting - why am I nervous? 

I know that it doesn't need too much adjustment. The hem needs taking up and it is too big at the top. As the shop assistant said when I collected the dress "we needed to get you the bigger size to get it over your hips".

Oh thanks for that! I'm pretty confident that as a woman my hips are always going to be the biggest bit of me!

Anyway I'll let you know how I get on.

Of course it went absolutely fine. She was lovely. Said nice things about my dress and was full of very wise advice.
Oh and so reasonable in terms of cost, less than half what I had in the budget.


  1. That was so helpful of her (WTF). I remember when we were posing for pictures after the wedding and my sister told me to "tense up my arms" so they wouldn't look so flabby. So helpful (I told her off, we are that kind of sisters). Good luck!

  2. eeep! :D it really is getting real isn't it!

  3. Seriously, is there no customer service course bridal shop staff can go on?! Glad she was nice at the actual fitting and that it went well.

  4. Glad it went well; good it was cheaper than you thought too, wish I had had that problem!

  5. Yay it went well. Stupid salesgirl. I guess customer service disappears after one has bought a dress.

  6. Woo, glad the dress fits well. I'm nervous about finding a seamstress for a reasonable price since mine's going to need quite a bit done.

  7. Better to have a woman's hips than a fat back.

    I am terrified of having fat back at the wedding. Ahh.

  8. seamstress and shop assistant were different people to be fair.
    seamstress was very tactful.
    Miss C I'm paranoid about the bulgy bit between my boob and arm-pit - however having been told that is actually what makes my arm move I've decided to just live with it.

  9. What? They said that... Stupid shop assistant! But yes as a girl my hips are always going to be my biggest part too - no getting away from that one ;)

    Glad the seamstress was lovely – and half the budget is ace! So far my two dress shopping experiences have been much more pleasant than I thought they were going to be – I was actually quite pleased that I looked not half bad in the dresses! Not made any decisions yet but I still have a year right?

    As for the bulgy bit - I have that – and yes it is what lets our arms move. They photoshop it out on celebs that's why we think we're the only ones with it!

    (Sorry huge comment again!)


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