Thursday, 24 June 2010

Tuesday evening


O – “You went out so I had to make the tea, I shouldn’t have to clear up as well”**

Me – “I went out to the Family Planning Clinic*** that isn’t my idea of FUN. I had a 2 hour wait so I can pump myself full of hormones on a daily basis so that we don’t make babies. You try it!!”

*hormonal breakdown
**he makes the tea and clears up everyday. I’m not sure why on Tuesday it all got too much for him. I put the bins out which is clearly a boy job!
***I don’t mind waiting but they had two new incompetents on the reception desk and not enough nurses and the waiting room was absolutely roasting hot.

On reflection I may have been a little unreasonable.


  1. aw. heres to hoping the rest of your week is better!

    p.s. I put our trash out too :)

  2. Stress gets the better of all of us at times. Hope today is a better day!

  3. Suck it O, we woman do things beyond your comprehension. So occasionally we may grump.

  4. I think that's fair enough. I may or may not have played the 'I take the pill, I win' card more than once...

  5. i hate hormones they do the same to me...!

  6. Oh dear... I'm such a bad other half! My OH pretty much always makes the tea, usually clears up and puts the bins out. I make the place look pretty if that counts? (If he didn't make the tea, I would never find the time to blog so that, eh, sort of my excuse!)

    Hope things are less stressy/hormoney soon!

  7. Yuck to hormones; Im not in love with taking them all the time either!

    Yes I agree, bins are clearly a boy job!

  8. Umm, not unreasonable. When I was going through trouble with my coil I told J it made me angry at him that I was going through all this so that he could avoid babies with me. Sometimes it's just such a ball ache to have to be the one worrying about contraception.

  9. I'll come clear up. Sorry you had one of those days. Why do they not have a pill men can take??


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