Friday, 11 June 2010

Ring, ring, ring

Last time we were in Leeds we dropped off my engagement ring with the jeweller so that my wedding band could be made to fit perfectly alongside. At that time we collected O's wedding band. On Tuesday when I was at home feeling sorry for myself with a bad back the post-man arrived with my engagement ring and wedding ring.


*photos by me - wow they are bad!


  1. the photos are fine, your blog has changed COMPLETELY and oh my those rings are lovely. I thought yours would be wider than that but its gorgeous and so delicate!
    Its really sweet sitting next to O's when his is so wide!

  2. They're beautiful! I love the wave form.

    ps - the photos are fine but if you wish to take better ones, you could try putting a bigish piece of translucent white fabric over the window and windowframe and popping them on that. Try to fill the frame and angle the rings and your camera (kneel if you have to) to catch the light coming through the diamonds.

  3. Ooh, is that a commonly done thing, leaving the engagement ring to have the wedding band matched to it? I like that idea, I worry about how the 2 will turn out fitting and looking together.

  4. So dainty and pretty! Perfection.

    P.S. Love the new look!

  5. I love your ring, fab that it was made to fit perfectly!

    Not long till you get to wear it!

    Oh and your blog has changed too; I like it!

  6. Oh I love them. Bet you can't wait to wear them!

  7. Both of your rings are gorgeous, I bet you can't wait to wear them together. the wedding ring looks like it will complement your engagement ring perfectly


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