Sunday, 27 June 2010

Race for Life

Today is the ninth year that Mum, #1, #2 and I with our relevant hanger on-er-ers have come together in the summer for Race for Life. It is a female only race so the hanger-on-er-ers are left with the bags/coats/water and sometime *fingers crossed* suntan lotion.

#1 and #2 run the 5km while Mum and I walk as fast as we can. As much as possible we avoid reading with the heartbreaking messages* people write on their backs in memory of loved ones or stories of successes - crying makes walking difficult! The family tradition has grown and my niece has joined in for the last few years now she is old enough.

We take part to raise money for a very good cause, we take part to remember those who have lost the battle with cancer or those who are still struggling against it. We come together to celebrate our family of women and to celebrate other women.

*I'm taking part for my cousin who is currently battling an incredibly rare form of cancer, he was released from hospital this week after another round of treatment because the bastard came back again.


  1. Such a good cause; I did it a couple of years ago and would like to do it again. I fancy the moonwalk too!

    How did you get on?

  2. Very sorry to hear about your cousin; hope his treatment is going ok.

  3. Well done! I hope your cousin pulls through.

  4. Oh your poor cousin... cancer sucks. (That's about as eloquently as I can put that!)

    Yeah when I did the moonwalk and people came on stage beforehand to tell you their stories I was almost a blubbering wreck!

    @Gaynor – go for the moonwalk... it's definitely worth doing at least once!

  5. you are so amazing to do this for your cousin! you are truly a good person

  6. Thank you ladies, we completed the Epsom Racecourse Race for Life. Mum and I walked the course in 57 minutes which isn't too bad in the blistering heat. I was under the illusion that a race course would be flat. These illusions have been shattered. Epsom is not at all flat! There were two killer hills.

    Thank you for all your good wishes for my cousin. He is receiving excellent care from specialist doctors and nurses - they have been so kind to him and his family.

  7. You go girl.

    Hugs to your cousin.

    Take him lollies and bonjella.

  8. Great effort! I'm sorry about your cousin. Cancer is so evil.

  9. Well done, such a good cause and one that sadly affects almost everyone at some stage.


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