Friday, 22 January 2010

Ring a ding ding

So when we picked up my engagement ring we also ordered our wedding rings.

Mine will be a 2.5mm plain palladium band which will be fitted to the wave of my engagement ring. What? You didn't know that my ring was palladium and you can't see from the picture that it has a wave? Thats probably because I never got round to sharing anymore details - the picture may help a little.

(photo me)

O has decided he will have a ring - although he might not wear it for the first 40 years of our marriage. After further investigation and advice from a wise blogger we decided not to go for a wood inlay. His will be a 5mm handbrushed concave palladium band. The picture below is as close as I could find - imagine it handbrushed (or prescratched as I'm thinking of it).

Image above is from here - which also happens to be the jeweller we are getting our rings from.
Why the wave? Because O loves the sea and the water - it was his only design request for the ring.
Why palladium? Simple platinum was out of our budget


  1. Oh I didnt realise your ring had a wave, good to have the rings ordered.

    We picked ours up last week, Graham got a 5mm palladium band too.

  2. Those three diamonds look so good set like that. I also love the Mrs band. Good pick!

  3. I love the wood inlays but as I wash my hands what seems like thousands of times a day, not a good idea!

    I am super tempted by palladium too. Love that yours is lovely and thin.

  4. i was just thinking you were quiet and then you pop up in the reader. i totally didn't know your ring had a wave, its lovely! I like o's too, you've ust put me off the wood inlays, although i couldn't get james to have one anyway!off to work now...:(

  5. I love the rings. The waves are so unique! And as you know I love wood rings but worried about the practicality of them.

  6. I think both rings are gorgeous! And I love that there is a story behind the wave


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