Wednesday, 6 January 2010

O don't read - Exciting News Part 1

So the first piece of exciting news, I was tempted to make you wait until next week but that would be cruel. If you have been reading the comments on both Rebecca’s blog and mine you might have guessed that I have ordered my wedding dress.
First a little bit of background, do you remember the list? Well although the list had some very good logical points not all of them made it into the dress.

Lessons I have learnt:
Long dresses have to hang from somewhere (startling eh?). Dresses which hang from under the boobs make me look pregnant. Dresses which hang from the waist make my hips look enormous. Dresses which are fitted past my hips and then hang give me quite a pleasant hour glass figure (who knew).

There are very very few wedding dresses out there with straps. The dresses I found which did have straps did something strange to my boobs. Either they disappeared completely, which is shocking for a more than DD girl, or they gave me so much cleavage I blushed (I’m not a cleavage on my wedding day type girl).

Lace just doesn’t suit me. I still don’t do bling and definitely no bling on the top half of the dress. I’m ever so slightly obsessed with ruching. I like silk (I’m ducking for a telling off from Rebecca as I have no knowledge of fabrics and probably shouldn’t be wanting a silk dress).

I like Alan Hannah dresses – no complete dresses, tops off some and skirts off others. Two shops I visited contacted Alan Hannah and they would have made changes or combined the dresses that I liked but because I couldn’t picture them or try them on it made my brain hurt.

I’m getting married in the wrong year – one kind dress assistant told me. The designers are not making plain dresses this year the trend is for bling or lace. If I want to get married in 2010 I’m going to have to have one or the other. Er naff off, I’ll just go look somewhere else, I’m not putting off my wedding just to wait for the fashion to change. I think you’ll find that your taste in dresses means that all you stock are jewel encrusted fairy dresses and that is why there isn’t anything in your shop for me. Phew sorry rant over!

So the list now looks like:
Strapless, lightweight, no bling, fitted to the hips, ruching, a small skirt, small train and silk.

Then we get onto the budget. I’m not a very extravagant girl so I set my budget pretty low (unrealistically low it turned out initially). I have a car to pay off, a kitchen to save for and honestly better things to waste my money on than a dress I’m only going to wear for about 10 hours. Ha – try telling that to my heart and my brain. I have an uncanny ability to be drawn to the most expensive dresses in shops. Hence the love of Alan Hannah and the fact that I’m green with envy over Rebecca’s dress by Suzanne Neville, had I not found my dress when I did I was totally going back for this dress or this one (to hell with the budget – who wants a new kitchen when you can float about in dresses like these, and I’m sure I could have worn it on other occasions like erm doing the housework?).

Anyway is that "get to the point I hear you screaming?" Be back tomorrow with the all important details (mwahhhaaahhhaa evil laughter)……


  1. hahahaha, I love that I've been waiting ages for the exciting news and I think I actually knew the outcome all along!! and no, you can have a silk dress, ( I am!) you can have whateverthehellyouwant - its your wedding!! I'm not judging other people :) I've not even gone with the type of silk I was going to have, because I've found it hard to find a supplier, and, dare I say it, a silk that looks nice whie being made in that way. I'm sorry, I like things to look nice :)

    I can't believe that an assistant told you you were getting married in the wrong year. thats just plain rude. really. you're getting married in the best year! (because I say so!) anyway, long comment over :)

    p.s. I use too many brackets.

  2. hahaha, don't worry there is more exciting news next week that you don't know about. I'm just taking my sweet time to write about it. Glad I'm allowed silk, I knew you wouldn't be judging - it just isn't your style. I like nice things too. Also I'm a huge fan of brackets (can you not tell?)

  3. Ooooh cant wait to see which one!

    Like Rebecca, cant believe someone told you that you were getting married in the wrong year, this is the best year to get married! It was like the one telling me you should only go to a couple of shops to try on dresses when I had already been to 8 others beforehand!

  4. Eekables, I cannot wait for more details you cheeky thing!

    Oh how I wish I could have got married a couple of years ago. I hate that things I adore are getting trendy!

    P.S. Ooo I love brackets too!

  5. Effing wedding trends - I don't care what was "in" last year - I'm getting married in the next year and a half and I want simple too. Grumble over.

    Cannot wait to read/see more details. It's always exacting when something comes together.

  6. Wow, wedding trends suck, I am a no lace or bling girl and I had a time of it too. I am so excited to see what you end up with!

  7. aaaah more things I dont know about? the suspense! oh, ha, I've just realised, it is next week now, ha ha, I've not got long to wait before the new news, is it the ring that you've now posted about? am I going round in circles? oh my god, I'm an idiot. Anna, Join our club. the [{(brackets)}] club. or some far better name that some cool person can think up.


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