Monday, 11 January 2010

Weekend recap

Did you have a good weekend? I did although the journey to London was horrendous (I arrived in Wimbledon at 3am). Really need to stop trying to get anywhere with the weather as it is. I’m sorry, I would love to write you a long detailed post about bridesmaid dress shopping but I’m shattered and writing is not coming easy at all. However there is good news, I think we’ve sorted the dresses for my ladies. #2 has a friend who is a very talented dress maker and she is going to make them for us – easy eh? We spent Saturday looking at shapes and styles and working out what suits them and then Sunday morning we spent chatting with the lovely dress maker and explaining what we are after. We are going to get silk samples to see the different qualities and to get the right shade – going for midnight/ink blue for the grown ups and a pale cornflower blue (we saw 3 different cornflower blues so that isn’t very specific) for my niece.

Really pleased to have something else ticked off the list. My tasks for this week are to make a short list of the photographers we have contacted and arrange to meet them. I also need to start contacting ceilidh bands who will also do some old time favourites (if my Scottish readers have any suggestions I’d love to hear them).

How are things going with your wedding to do list. Did you see Gaynor's list here? I'd love to be this far along in the planning process although every time I read one of Gaynor's lists my own gets longer because of the sheer amount of stuff that hasn't even crossed my radar yet.


  1. Midnight blue is so chic. A fabulous choice.

    You did choose a terrible weekend to come to London!

    Oh I know, things are so far away for me I really do need to start a list but the idea of how long it may become is rather daunting!

  2. We need to make a to do list :)

    So awesome that you found your bridesmaid dress style, can't wait to see how they look when they're done.

  3. You are making great progress! It starts feeling really good when you find yourself checking things off of the list.

  4. Ha ha, please dont worry, half the stuff I have written down is not exactly necessary (think painting our G&G letters with our wedding colours etc) and I have also probably forgotten stuff!

    You are getting lots sorted out!

  5. i love coming here and reading exactly whats going through my mind... wedding has now become all consuming!

    very exciting about the bridesmaids... i will be in london this weekend brunching with my girls and coming up with some ideas...


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