Thursday, 7 January 2010

O still don't read - Exciting News Part 2

I thought this was the dress (ignore the fact that it is shiny satin I hadn’t figured out that I didn’t like that yet. I luuurrrrve the pleats). I asked my Mum and #2 to come up and give me their final opinion and I was going to place the order. I wanted to get the dress ordered before Christmas as I was told repeatedly that it takes 6 months for the dress to come in.
Then the snow came and #2 got stuck in London, luckily or perhaps not so luckily as I’ll explain my Mum made it. I’d two appointments booked for the Saturday because I was going to make #2 try on bridesmaids dresses, the appointments fell so that the first appointment of the day was a shop I’d not visited yet. As it was their first appointment of the day I felt bad about cancelling and so my Mum and I went along anyway. Liz who I believe owns the shop was so nice, I explained that I thought I’d found my dress but I would like to see what she had in her store. I pulled out about 4 dresses to try on and Liz showed me another few options, things weren’t looking good and I was even more determined that the other dress was the one. Then Liz said she had one final dress for me to look at. Guess what it was the one!

Why is it better than the other one? It is silk and therefore incredibly light, it is not shiny or bling or lace etc. and therefore will not scare O. It is understated and makes me feel like me (bingo).Ok so it doesn’t have as much ruching as I maybe would have liked but it is darn close to what I want. I don’t like the pictures of the dress online at all so if you’d like to see some hideous pictures of me they are here and here (head chopped off to preserve my anonymity).

All sorted – yup?

Oh no nothing could ever be that simple. 3 hours after we had ordered the dress and as I was taking my mum to the station for her journey back home she pipes up with “I’m just not too sure about the colour” – er you what? The dress comes in either antique a pale gold/champagne colour or ivory, which was very very white. We had ummmed and ahhhed in the shop for a really long time, I was worried that the antique would be too dark and yellowy and that the ivory would be too white against my blue skin. In the end we had settled on antique and I didn’t really need the only other person to see me in the dress raising doubts. After a few very tense days I decided just to stick with my initial decision, I hope it is the right choice – I just have to keep remembering how I felt in the shop.

Sorry to end on a downer, I am very pleased with the dress and I'm overly excited that I don't have to go dress shopping anymore!!

Next bit of exciting news next week - turns out I do like a little tiny bit of bling......


  1. Oh my, I am super happy you have found a dress that makes you feel you! I think the antique colour is a good choice. I think it compliments most skin types.

    Also, I love the rouching on you. Subtle yet elegant. (I agree the photo on the site is not as nice).


  2. Ooooh yeah yippee you have your dress! I agree about the antique colour since the ivory was white. Cant wait to see it on you properly.

    Its rubbish how the website photos are always not good, I had to find proper people in mine to show my florist as the site pics are not great! (I heard or read somewhere that its to stop people taking the images elsewhere to copy but dont know if thats true or not!)

  3. Also cant wait for the next bit of exciting news too!

  4. oh, it looks gorgeous on you, you look so relaxed and comfortable! when you pulled out that pronovias dress at the beginning I was like 'whhhhaaaaaa, she changed her mind again?!' but no, i just jumped the gun again :) and I think antique champagne gold sounds lovely, is that the colour you're wearing in the pictures or not?

  5. Yes that is me in the champagne colour it looks a lot more yellow in the website photos than in real life.

  6. Hurrah! What a lovely choice of dress. You must feel like the weight of the world has lifted from your shoulders now that it has been chosen. I'm glad you stuck with the antique gold colour. I'm very pale too and so had to have a warm colour against my skin for my dress too- anything ivory or white brought out the blue of my veins!!!

    It looks brilliant on too, and that's just standing in a shop, imagine how it'll look on the day!

  7. Oh that is exciting! Your chosen dress is very classy... Champagne gold sounds and looks lovely and good choice for us blue-hued folk... no idea what my dress will look like but I know stark white and me are not a good plan. I hope you had some antique champagne to celebrate getting the dress?!

  8. sorry R, I only just noticed you commented back, I love the colour in the photo, I dont think its yellowy at all. glad you stuck with it. x

  9. How exciting. It looks great on you. Don't second guess - the colour sounds perfect!

    It drives me crazy when people say things that make you question your decisions! Hope you're feeling good about it still x

  10. I meant the colour looks perfect. Sounds? What am I on today? Brain freeze... sorry

  11. I've been searching for the dress post so Yay! Love it. The antique is lovely with your complexion.


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