Sunday, 24 January 2010


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I like my sleep. When I don't get enough I get very prickly.

I haven't been getting enough recently (I mean sleep don't be so flithy minded!)

I just can not turn my brain off, I'm thinking about work, blog posts but mainly wedding plans and all the things I need to get done. Had my first wedding nightmare last night - our photographer cancelled on us the day before the wedding. I'm thinking that this has something to do with the fact that we haven't booked a photographer yet and meeting a couple next week.

Anyway I'm not here to moan - that is just dull.

I usually need 7-8 hours of sleep a night to function properly, although I'd prefer 9-10. I've a friend who only needs 4-5 hours a night which I just can't grasp.

So what about you? Are you a 7-8 hour person or is that too much for you?

O also talks, murmurs and breathes too damn loudly (but that only seems to be when I can't sleep so maybe it is just magnified in the wee hours) in his sleep. I apparently don't make a noise in my sleep. What about you are you a noisy sleeper

Sleep well.....zzzzzzzzzzz


  1. I love that picture :)
    I'm a 7-8 hour person, but I think it is some sort of 'fact' that you only need the 4 hours to function, but facts just arent right sometimes I think...
    and I don't know if I'm a noisy sleeper, i tend to be asleep then!

  2. 7-8 or longer.. I am useless without sleep.. if I'm tired, which I usually am I just moan! But I work better in the evening and suddenly wake up at 11ish so never good at getting an early night.

    I'm the same though.. can't switch off. there's 7 months till the wedding but still it's always on my mind. Work has gone mad as well so I really need to concentrate on that... hey ho a busy mind is a happy one right!..?

    no noise for me... the boy also is very quiet.. I think he's snored twice in which was stopped when I gave him a gentle push/hit!

  3. I had been only getting around 5 before we went on holiday which was no where near enough! Pretty much cause I could never switch and was doing so much!

    This obviously wasnt doing my body any good and ended up in a horrible spell of getting no sleep at all. Thankfully now the sleeping tablets helped and im now trying to get at least 7-8!

    Unfortunately I am quite a light sleeper so tend to wake if G is making too much noise (snoring / heavy breathing etc) or when his alarm goes off way before mine!

  4. Brilliant picture – too cute!

    I'm a 'love my sleep' person. I could easily sleep 9 hours a night but strangely (partly because I always go to bed late) get about 6 hours a night! Must do better as they say!!

  5. I have found I love sleeping more and more recently. I can survive on very little but always want more.

    Also found the answer to good sleep. Earplugs. Lame but amazing!

  6. Earplugs have saved my life. My boyfriend bounces when he turns over and I wake up about twice an hour and feel slight feelings of rage. Bought some cheap foam earplugs last week and sleeping like a baby now. Really recommend them even for those without bouncy boyfriends because the blocking of all sound seems to stop the swirling thoughts too!

  7. That photo is SO cute. I am exactly the same as you. Need my sleep - lots of it. Mr B can function on about five hours. Wish I was that way.

  8. I ideally like about 10 hours but I can manage on 8 (or less if it's a one off night!) x


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