Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bitten by those pesky vampires

In my family we read a lot. When we visited #1 to babysit my niece and nephew for the week she had just finished reading the Twilight series and out of idle curiosity I borrowed the books thinking I’d get round to them eventually. Well eventually arrived between Christmas and New Year when I consumed the whole saga. The books seems to divide people some hate them, some love them, I have to admit I enjoyed them. I’m going to hold off a while and then watch the films (I hate watching films of books I’ve recently read they are never as good – I visualise the characters differently from the filmmakers – funny huh?!)

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  1. See, I keep geting told to read these, vampires just dont interest me, but then i said the same about Harry Potter...I'll work my ay through my ginormous reading pile and then consider these perhaps.

  2. I liked them too, think I have read the whole series twice now.

    I have to admit to liking the films too and did have to go and see New Moon as soon as it came out in Nov.

    When I first read Twilight it had the film actors on the cover so guess I always thought of them like that.

  3. I so got sucked in by those books. Something about them makes you NEED to read them all.

  4. Oh girl, I got sucked in with the rest of em. I avoided the books like the plague, then read one and it was a wrap.


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