Sunday, 10 January 2010

The best Christmas present ever

(although I have to say Zoe's is pretty effing cool)

This pretty little ring got redesigned and we picked it up just before Christmas.

Yes I've been engaged since August and yes I've only just got my engagement ring. Yes I have the patience of a saint.
Not really though, we were very particular about the design and it has been totally worth the wait.

Describing the whole process is going to take me some time but I thought I'd just give you the basics.

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

(not sure why I have yellow hands, they don't look like that in real life)


  1. ooh thats lovely, I love that the design is quite modern but the stones are the ones that have a history, makes it so much more special :)
    and yes, you do have yellow hands.

  2. Love the use of the old diamonds in a new setting. You must be over the moon.

    P.S. My hands are far yellower. I oft worry I have some liver issue!

  3. For those of you that might have your hopes up for more exciting news this is it! Still catch myself staring at my left hand.... its sooo pretty (well I might be a bit biased)!

  4. Ooooh its gorgeous, glad you got the ring you wanted, so special to have designed it yourself.

  5. Ooh - what a great redesign. And I love the meaning behind it (though I may be biased, since we used my mother's ring/stones in my new one.) Merry Christmas, indeed.

  6. Pretty. Love those diamonds, they are so sparkly and lovely.


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