Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hogmanay Recap

Between Christmas in Leeds and in preparation for New Year with O’s family in the Highlands we spent a few days in our little flat – O did his Christmas shopping saving it for the January sales what an interesting plan. We put away our little Christmas tree and did plenty of sorting and washing.

On the 30th we set off early in the morning so as to get north in the day light, the snow covered the hills and the drive through Glencoe was breathtakingly beautiful, the trees along the road were bowed like old men under the weight of the snow. I spotted lots of gentle deer snuffling in the snow looking for food, I refused to let O look around he needed to concentrate on the road. After a few hairy moments in the snow we finally reached O’s parent’s little cottage, I was very disappointed to find out we’d missed a fabulous display of the Northern Lights the night before - I’ve never seen them and they didn’t make a reappearance during our visit. We had a wonderful few days; Hogmanay we got snowed in so spent the evening just O’s parent and us playing dominoes and cards, we lit a small fire and had sparklers and brandy for the bells. On the 1st we went to O’s sister’s house for a winter BBQ, on the 2nd we had a bonfire. Lots of being outside in the cold crisp air led to a very tired R and lots of sleeping.

I really like my in-laws (I’m very lucky they are lovely people and we get on well) and this visit was so nice, due to the weather it meant that we had to spend all our time together. Not that we wouldn’t want to spend time together it is just that usually we are off seeing O’s friends and they are busy people with their own friends.

All in all we had a very pleasant introduction to 2010.

Apologies for the quality of the photos they were taken by me (not a good start) from a moving car (double trouble)!

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  1. the photos are lovely! (and you're lucky the car wa moving at all in that amount of snow!)


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