Monday, 4 January 2010

Christmas Recap

I’m back I missed you all. Got exciting news (well I think it is exciting and therefore I'd like to share it with you).

First a few recaps though;

Journey home – usually not remarkable enough to comment on however this particular journey in the snow was the most terrifying experience of my life – O is my hero I don’t know how he kept driving not being able to see the road in our silly new car with its silly big tyres that glide rather than grip. (I do like the car however we haven’t had a very good introduction as all the significant journeys we’ve done so far have been marred by snowy, icy roads and too many skids). It took 9 horrid hours to drive 250 miles – as you can probably tell I’m still not over the trauma and I'm perhaps still a little melodramatic.

Christmas day was very strange, all us trying to please other people and ending up with no one all that pleased. My parents desperately trying to make O feel welcome while I was trying to show O how we have a traditional family Christmas. By the end of the day we’d opened presents, eaten lots of food, watched the Queen’s speech and had a good few arguments – probably actually our traditional Christmas day routine. (Thank you for all the veggie Christmas day suggestions, my folks went to M&S and I think bought their entire veggie selection.)

Boxing Day was much more like it, my sisters and their other halves arrived plus my niece and nephew. All 10 of us wrapped up warm and went for a big long walk in the snow; we went sledging in the local park where the hills had turned to sheets of ice; we opened lots of presents, ate even more food and had a Wii competition.

General observation – Christmas cracker jokes are appalling. Christmas cracker maths tests that require a pen and paper and knowledge of simultaneous equations are completely unnecessary where is the fun in that? Well when you are at a table with two accountants, my Dad with his maths degree, #2’s boyfriend with his engineering degree it proves to be quite an exciting competition – totally went over my head though.


  1. Not so good about the icy roads but glad you got where you needed to be and had fun too, even if it was a bit different than normal.

    Looking forward to hearing about your exciting news!

  2. Hahahah I love the thought of you sitting around after christmas lunch being totally full and sleepy and having a simultaneous equations competition!! If I ever make christmas crackers I'm putting a few of those in!

  3. Oh exciting news! Glad you are home safe and sound!

  4. Ugh how awful for you - the drive that is. For once I've been happy that I *don't* have a car - no temptation to go out on those roads!

    Glad the food worked out at least. Imho Christmas is stressful enough without attempting to figure out how to stuff a walnut, or realising that you don't have the obscure ingredient required for a recipe. We pleased ourselves this year as it was just us, which was nice, but we missed family. There's definately some sort of balance to be struck somewhere but it's near impossible!

  5. glad you got home safe, however, how very dare you for tempting me with 'i have exciting news' and then NOT TELLING IT.

    isn't it difficult though, when you first have the other half for Christmas at yours. we found, although it also had its own problems, that last year was lovely, my parents came to us. we had the morning with his family, until about 4, then reverted to CHristmas eve when my parents arrived and had another christmas. if its in your own home, you can set your own rules, and start new traditions.


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