Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Suggestions please.....

O is vegetarian, I'm not and none of my family are. O is coming home to my parent's house for Christmas for the first time this year. The first time we went home to my parents, which was probably the first time my Mum had ever had to cook for a vegetarian she made him potatoes. 3 different types of potatoes, I think there was dauphinoise, boiled and stuffed potato skins but essentially just 3 lots of potatoes - thankfully O likes his potatoes. My Mum has got much better since then - she makes a mean veggie lasagne. However Christmas dinner is quite a big deal and I don't want him stuck with potatoes again!

So lovely readers I'm looking for suggestions for your favourite vegetable dish at Christmas time, one that we can all enjoy (to take some of the stress away from my parents).

Oh and if anyone has a suggestion for veggie gravy (other than a jar of dried powder) - I'm sure I read a mushroom gravy recipe somewhere but I can't find it and can't remember the instructions.

Many thanks in advance....


  1. http://www.theveggietable.com/recipes/christmas.html

    Hope this helps? I love roast vegetables at Christmas - carrots, parsnip, anything! I hope it goes well for you :) x

  2. Delia has created a cheese and parsnip roulade that looks and sounds delicious, it's what my veggie sister-in-law is making for her christmas dinner: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p005fq4p

    We have lots of veggies in my family, my mum usually does a nut roast which you can buy if making one is just a bit too much on top of all of the christmas prep.

  3. Does O eat meat substitute? I'm a vegetarian, and christmas was always quite difficult until I found Linda McCartney vegetarian roast in the supermarket - http://www.lindamccartneyfoods.co.uk/vegetarianroast.php - so easy - just pop it in the oven. I'm having that for christmas dinner!

  4. M&S has a mean veggie chestnut roasty thing in. Put in oven, done. Or, make mushroon wellington or nut roast.

  5. I love all roast vegetables at Christmas - especially sweet potato. We also eat this crazy awesome dish at our local Thai place that is salt and pepper eggplant - to die for. You cook it the same as salt and pepper squid, except you add vegetables instead - broccoli tastes so good coated in it! Sorry I don't have the recipe.

  6. P.s. I kinda love that your Mum made three types of potato - sweet that she tried!

  7. In the past, we've had veggie haggis as the veggie dinner and then you can have the usual potatoes, veg etc with it. We've also done veggie toad in the hole, veg fajitas (!) and last year had hallumi and auberinge stacks (very very nice!)... Though the veggie haggis was prob the most successful for being something the whole family wanted to eat!


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