Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Give Blood

(from here)

O and I gave blood today, we aim to give every 3 months. There is no donation centre in our town so we need to wait for them to come to us. It gives me a good feeling to give. Not physically good as I'm usually tired afterwards but emotionally good like I've done something to help a stranger. It also makes me good to see the queue out of the door of people wanting to give. They come from all walks of life, students wait next to builders and people in business suits. We are all there for a common purpose and we wait in a friendly patient manner until it is our turn.

Oh and there are lots of free biscuits!


  1. last time I gave blood the girl went.. oh i'm sorry - then left to get me a leaflet on bruising! wasn't the best experience but I really am over due! it's the only time I ever eat custard creams and bourbons anymore!


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